Things I’m going to do at home  – By @katiebcreates

By Katie Burrell


Things I’m going to do at home 


1) Read. I haven’t read a fictional book in a while. I miss it. I’m going to look at my bookshelf, 

select a few to start with and lose myself in a good story. 


2) Cook. I have ‘Eat’ by Nigel Slater in the kitchen, waiting for me to try a few of it’s recipes. 


3) Yoga. It seems like a good time to bring out my old Barbara Curry DVD. I don’t think I can 

touch my toes anymore. Help Barbara. 


4) Nap. I have never been one to nap. Ever. But I might give it a go. 


5) Teach. When I say teach, I mean teach my dog a new trick. She can do a lot of commands but 

we haven’t mastered ‘roll over’ yet. She’s a big dog, it’s tricky. 


6) Marathon. I saw on the news that a guy ran a marathon on his balcony. I’m not sure I’ll do that 

kind of marathon but maybe a Lord of the Rings marathon. It’s been a while. 


7) Draw. It’s been a while since I sat down on the sofa and just drew for pleasure. I used to do it 

all the time but because I draw so much now I tend not to lose myself in it for relaxation purposes anymore. Maybe I’ll do a doodle a day. 


8) German. Yes. German. I tried to brush up on my German about half a year a go but lost 



9) Photography. I saw an albino squirrel today. There are so many different animals coming in and out of the garden here. Maybe I’ll set up my camera and tripod ready for some wildlife snaps. 


10) Mindfulness. Definitely need to practice this more. 


11) Boxsets. That is all. 


12) Baking. Andy wants to bake bread. I’ll let you know how that pans out. 




14) Conversation. I’ve been chatting to people on the phone a lot more. I’ve never been a ‘chat on 

the phone’ type of person but I’m enjoying it. 


15) Shower. The cold kind. I’ve been starting to switch the temperature to cold for the last few 

seconds but I think I can better that. 


16) Baths. I hate baths. I just hate them. You just sit in your own dirt and it’s sooooo 

uncomfortable. I’m going to try and have a bath and enjoy it, but I’m not making any promises. 


17) Stretch. I used to stretch every morning and every night before bed. I can’t remember the last 

time I did that. 


18) Dance. I bloody miss dancing. I used to make up routines in the kitchen with my sister when we were younger. I’m gonna do it again! Crank up the volume to a bit of Usher, Usher, Usher, Usher. 


19) Astronomy. I want to learn more about this, it fascinates me. 


20) Podcasts. There’s a podcast I want to listen to about the Apollo missions, it sounds really 



21) Whiskey. The last time I had a glass of whiskey I ended up having four… and threw up in a guy’s bed. I want to learn about whiskey and how to enjoy it properly. There’s a nice drinks cabinet here. 

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