This week was not easy for me @Hoballah14

By Chirine Hoballah

This week was not easy for me, I cried a lot and I asked myself a lot of questions. But thanks to Adeline, Max and you I feel better. Everyone is too nice and understandable. It’s so hard for me to be far from my family in a new city with a new language.Itrytodomybestbut I have the impression that it’s not enough. I don’t know if I have the level to be here, I don’t believe in myself, it’s my weakness. In the face of difficulty, I tend to flee. I’m a scary girl. I know that this school can bring me only good and push me beyond my limits. I want to change and become a person as I see every day at the SCA, I mean determined, comfortable with others, comfortable to speak, fluent in oral, who defend his ideas. I’m not that kind of person, I am aware. I want to take all the good sides of the SCA and in December I would like to tell me “You see Chirine that you were able, you made progress, you became a better person, you evolved in English, you became a better artistic director.”

I think SCA is completely different from everything I’ve used to do in my life. I’ve been through a hard time in my life. Four years ago I lost my father who died of cancer. Since that day, I tend to see black everywhere I go, and sadness invades me for no reason. I saw him fight this terrible disease and fight every day. I saw my mom keep smiling and stay strong for us. I never gave up because I want that he would be proud of me. I know that life is just a thread and that everything can change from one moment to another without realizing it. We are never prepared for this kind of tragedy and I think we never really get over it. Pain never leaves, you learn to live with that’s all. Cancer is a terrible disease and seeing the person we love most in the world suffering from this disease is really horrible. In the end, we don’t even recognize her, the disease has taken everything away.

At the beginning of the week, we talked about superheroes. For me, my superhero doesn’t wear cloak or mask and his greatest power is his strength. It may be cliché to say this but my hero is my mother. She saved me millions of times, I admire her for all she is and I would like to be as strong as her. She overcomes all the hardships that God puts on his path and with the smile. She is a fighter, a warrior, and for her, I get up every morning, because she gives me everything, she does everything for me to have a perfect life and I hope to give her all that one day. I still have a long way to go but it all starts now.go

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