BOOBA -Lucas Masini

By Lucas Masini

My cat and I have a very merged relationship. It turns out to be me who is given his name with the permission of my parents. It was 10 years ago, I had just turned 12 and I was totally a fan of a French rapper called Booba. I thought it sounded good so I chose this name.

This rapper has never been tender with the competition and he sees the rap game as a boxing field or the goal is to be the defending champion as could have been Mohamed Ali or Mike Tayson. His career began at 20, he was one of the precursors of the rap in France and his writing without censure. It’s not the same from the previous French hits where the music was bland and without real novelty. He came up with something totally different. He was not unanimous among the French. Some saw him as a poet and others as an illiterate bandit. It was not common for a boy from the suburbs to be listened to by a generation. It represented the way of young people forgotten by society. B2OBA aka DUKE has the reputation of being the king of the French rap game for 20 years. Today, he lives in Miami and lectures at Harvard to talk about the longevity of his career.

Maybe my cat does not sing but with time I think he could claim the same career if he was a human. Physically Booba is a big Maine Coon, He must weigh about 8 pounds for a body of 95 cm, it is a beast. This breed comes from Canada, the legend says that the Maine Coon is a descendant of the six angora cats sent by Marie-Antoinette of Austria while she was preparing her departure to escape the French Revolution. These angoras would have been brought on Captain Samuel Clough’s Sally boat from Wiscasset with the Queen’s other personal effects. The angoras would then have mixed with raccoons to give birth to the Maine Coon.

It must be known that Booba is not necessarily the most sentimental being of the Earth. He has a certain denial for everyone who gives him a certain presence and a charisma that politicians could envy him. For example, it is used when I invite friends to PlayStation play at my home to pass in front of us slowly the neck lowered like a tiger to sit 10 minutes and then leave without even having looked at us and my friends remain amazed by its passage.

We created a Facebook account with my brother in 2010. Today he has about 130 friends but mostly a funny feed:

on his life:

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