As today officially marks my first full week at SCA, I’ve been trying to take Marc at his word and properly reflect. It isn’t something that comes particularly naturally to me, as I have a tendency to hone in on the things I was bad at and ignore the things I was good at. Which can leave you feeling somewhat deflated.

Things That I Have Found Challenging:

  1. Waking up.
    This sounds like an odd one, but I learned a long while ago that getting up isn’t my forte. I’m not even sure it’s the time itself, I think it may be getting up at the same time every day. Sometimes the monotony of that makes me feel as though the days are indistinguishable. I imagine that me complaining about getting up, at the age of 22, is really frustrating for those people who have been doing it all their lives…
  2. Is everyone a direct descendant of Steve Jobs?
    I expected this would be a challenge. But I’m a bit overwhelmed by the level of technical skill. Mentors have already started to impress how quickly you can be left behind if you aren’t abreast of the latest software. I plan to spend the coming weekend burrowed away somewhere with photoshop and the like. It doesn’t exactly help that the computers face out onto the studio, so everyone can plainly see your ineptitude. Not that they would judge because y’know, everyone’s really bloody nice (see below).
  3. Do I deserve to be here?
    I think everyone has felt this at some point, and we’ve already spent a lot of time discussing it this week. I didn’t expect how quickly you can change from feeling totally on top of it and worthy, to feeling like an imposter who will be asked to leave at any moment. You can change from one to the other every minute of the hour and it’s a bit exhausting.

Things That I Have Found Exciting:

  1. The people.
    Every time I’m wondering if I deserve to be at SCA, I remind myself that I only feel that way because the people around me are so talented. That’s a pretty exciting space to be in, right? I want to learn as much as possible through them.
  2. The mentors.
    I’ve really enjoyed everyone that I’ve met so far, but when Deanna Rodger came in I was low-key fangirling. The same goes for Vikki Ross. They are the kind of wordsmith women that I hoped SCA would be able to introduce me to. I booked tickets to Deanna’s reading at Waterstones pretty much straight after her first workshop with us.
  3. The content.
    Some of my friends have started working in corporate industries and I feel pretty gleeful about it. I get to spend my days sitting on the floor drawing, writing, thinking. While they are burrowed away in an office somewhere. Presumably in a gray suit and in a gray building eating a soggy gray sandwich.

I have been unknowingly squirreling from a really young age. Feels pretty cool that something we have to do is something that I lean towards naturally. It also legitimises keeping tickets, recording conversations etc…

Here are some of my initial thoughts. Have a brilliant week everyone!

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