Times up – By @maxatyler

By Max Tyler


Times up

It’s been a while since I’ve had some structure in my days and I definitely haven’t been taking them for granted. Coming from one long stint of education into another without a break means I couldn’t go travelling and ‘find myself’ in Thailand, I didn’t lose myself anyway so I’m fine with that. I have managed to pack in as many holidays as I could in the few months since I finished my course and had some great times with the people around me. I’ve got out the house as much as possible and spent most of my days enjoying freedom doing what I want when I want. But too much of a good thing eventually isn’t good anymore and I think the timing couldn’t be better to get back into the swing of things. Having some time off has made me realise what I need in my life and things I may not need that I thought I did. I have got a list for three of each of these things.

What I’m going to miss

  1. Going out on a Tuesday night. This one is weird because it doesn’t seem that fun. When you go out on a Tuesday it’s not the busiest night of the week but you feel as if you are part of an exclusive club that working people aren’t a part of. The people you meet are also part of this exclusive club and you can bond instantly just because of what day it is. The free livers chasing the midweek party.
  2. Holibobs, holidays are a thing that help you detach completely from all of your stresses at home and I think squeezing these in is going to be a very hard task at the SCA. I’ll have to find another way to detach, maybe I can start meditating or aligning my chakras once a month.
  3. Being at home, I have lived on my own now for three years but in an outhouse in my garden, so I’ve had a blue ball situation of independence for all this time. I can tell people I have my own place but I know deep down mums cooking me dinner tonight. At least I have learnt the basics and know how regularly to clean my sheets or take the bins out, I think these skills will help me more living with other people.

What I’m not going to miss

  1. Doing not a lot, doing not a lot is nice but it is only nice for from what I’ve learnt is about 3 months. I feel like any more would make me permanently lazy and I would probably start to consider ditching everything and running an Ebay store so I wouldn’t have to go anywhere to get to work.
  2. Staying in bed till 11, I used to love doing this, like I really used to like it. It was a daily thing at one part of my life but it’s a bitter sweet habit because you know that time has been wasted. You think you’ll wake up refreshed after 10hrs of sleep but I’ve recently found it’s the opposite, you wake up foggy scrambled and unattached from the days routine. This one took me 21 years to figure out, but I got there.
  3. The slug and lettuce, the slug and lettuce are where dreams are made and hopes are destroyed. If you are a middle-aged man with a company car you are almost guaranteed to find the woman of your dreams in this place, but as for me it’s a last resort solution to keep the drinks going after the pubs have shut. The only thing I will miss is Steve putting on the performance of a lifetime in a desperate bid to impress the alpha female so he can find his mate. David Attenborough voiceovers on bar and club behaviour should be bigger than just a meme.

Times up 

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