A Trip With Charlie pt. II – By @now_pictured

By Ivan Stanojevic


A Trip With Charlie pt. II


Last time we ended the SCAB we posed the question “If everyone wins, who loses?” And the answer is: No one loses. White saviour complex is based on a truth of humanity’s horrible past with different cultures around the world. But if the opposite is just no one helping people who need help, then surely there is nothing wrong with someone doing it. But this is a deep philosophical question for which we did not have time, since we had to go into the Bactrian Camels habitat next. 


After that we went to get some ice cream. As we were enjoying our frozen treats, we talked about how important Pete’s lift pitch is. Pete always tells us the real lift pitch isn’t the one you do on your ride up, but the pitch you can do screaming from the hallway while the lift doors are closing. If you can’t explain your idea quickly, it probably isn’t that great. Or you have to work out how to present it in a way that is instantly clear. When you create something, it must communicate ideas clearly, since most of the time you won’t be there to explain it to someone. 


We were admiring Humboldt Penguins’ amazing beaks when I suggested to Charlie to create a dream portfolio of all the kind of work that he would love to do. This is an idea I got from Ellie, which I thought was brilliant! We also agreed on how important it is to base your idea in some kind of story and to present that story in a way that will intrigue and attract people. Since it was already getting kind of late, we caught a train home. 


Charlie got me his favourite dessert from Pots & Co – this delicious lemon and lime posset. It was literally one of the best things I’ve ever tried. It comes in this glorious ceramic pot and you are supposed to eat it chilled using a teaspoon. It’s the creamiest thing I’ve ever had and it was a perfect conclusion to a fun and introspective day. As we were going back to London, we watched Nathan For You. If you are not familiar with the show, I suggest you check it out. Nathan Fielder goes around the US trying to “help” small business with ridiculous, PR-able ideas which would make Marc orgasm. I had seen a few episodes prior, but none of the best ones. Thankfully Charles was there to educate me. The first one we watched had me rolling on the floor of the train (It was The Claw of Shame; I will share a short clip from it below). We followed that with one where Nathan tries to reposition a fire alarm as a musical instrument and one where he sells $1 TVs to try and get Best Buy to lower their prices.


All in all, it was a very fun day so making the trip was definitely worth it. 


Enjoy this intro to The Claw of Shame (I warmly suggest you check out the whole episode):

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