Tinder freaks? Yeah right. By @Krista_Shepherd


By Krista Shepherd


Tinder freaks? Yeah right.


I came to London more than 2 weeks ago thinking that I could use that time to settle in, figure out the area, open a bank account, find a bar that I love and maybe, just maybe, make a couple of new friends.


I’ve done none of it.


What I did do though, is join Tinder.


When I was still in Riga, I was comforting myself with a thought, that London is a city of 9 million, historically filled with freaks and crazies to keep me entertained. And where do we find freaks and crazies? On online dating apps.


So I joined tinder, had numerous boring conversations with strangers and occasionally went on 3 tinder dates.


Date 1: I met with this gorgeous looking guy that had a body of a greek god, recent law school graduate, solicitor in training. He loved his mom, had a passion for photography and travel. Real catch for some, unfortunately a total 0/10 on my freak scale.


Date 2: Met a really nice indian guy with a degree in politics, working in market research. Likes to have fun, holds his liquor (huge plus!) and had a great sense of humor. Again, great catch, but zero freak. On a freak scale I’d give him 2/10


Date 3: Went out with a musician. Musician sounds like great deal of crazy, until you actually meet him and realize that he’s a concert pianist, totally dedicated to his craft and Sheldon Cooper in the world of academic music. Again, great catch, but too little crazy. 4/10


Now, I feel like Tinder has completely failed me when it comes to meeting freaks and weirdos in London.


Which is why I’m so happy I’m starting my studies with you guys!


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