‘To do’ list @poppy_scarlett

By Poppy Cumming-Spain


Don’t take your foot off the throttle

But rest and recharge


Go above and beyond

But get a good night’s sleep


Be emotional

But have a thick skin


Don’t get stressed

But think about your future


Act professionally

But don’t be so serious


Show your commitment

But have more fun


Welcome advice

But fight against it


Listen to the like-minded

But hear the different


Concentrate on your work

But consider your mental health


Make this your priority

But don’t neglect loved ones


Go out and collect dots

But stay and have energy


Focus on schoolwork

But keep up your hobbies


Mess around

But don’t procrastinate


Do extra school work

But do passion projects


Meditate everyday

But stay switched on


Believe in yourself

But compare yourself to others


Be a family

But compete


Support each other

But judge each other


Find a partner

But practice promiscuity


Don’t be overwhelmed

But consume quickly


Show your personality in your portfolio

But keep the campaigns distinct


Be multiskilled

But find a specialism


Plan everything

But be unexpected


Be honest

But create desire


Create continuity

But don’t be boring


Challenge the brief

But follow the brief

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