Dean’s SCAB cheat sheet. – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein


Dean’s SCAB cheat sheet. 



Hi folks, 


Ready for school? 37 days to go. Yikes.


The year is going to get hectic at times. On top of that,

I’m sure you all know that you will have to be SCAB’ing quite a bit each term. They arrive quickly. So get prepared. Otherwise you’ll find yourself up late at night trying to beat the deadline.


Need help getting started?


Here’s 20 SCAB ideas for the class of 2020.


  1. Take ½ a photo. A picture says 1000 words.


  1. Write 250 words each about Max and Marcia.


  1. Write and album review.


  1. Compose 500 words about your failed hinge date.


  1. Copy and paste all your trip advisor reviews together.


  1.             Try write a Haiku,

  This is something you should do.

              It’s pretty easy.


  1. Teach the class how to make lasagne. Step by step.


  1. Write a hate letter to Marc.


  1. Confess your love for Alex Taylor. Come on. You know you do.


  1. Form a petition to get DJ to stop sitting in the corner of the room.


  1. Write about how your childhood traumas are still more bearable then SCA.


  1. Paint a landscape picture of somewhere you’d rather be.


  1. Send a long love letter to your dream agency.


  1. Create a spoken word SCAB…It better be good.


  1. Make a film or documentary about life inside the SCA walls.


Ask Tedj for help on this one.


  1. Create a typeface. Ian will love you forever & ever.


  1. Pen 500 words on the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten.


  1. Write about what you would have been had you not sold your soul to the ‘capitalism devil’.


  1. Create art out of words. – See Paul Belford’s work for the ‘Type Museum’.


  1. Stitch different song lyrics together to form an entirely new poem.


Make sure you send your SCAB’s to Amy the day before they are due. This will help her stay organised. Meaning the school can stay organised. Meaning you’ll be organised. I have rarely done this.


Also I’m creating a new rule.


Sometimes, (most of the time) Marc will take us for drinks on a Friday afternoon. 


If you say to someone SCABEER? It means you’re offering to do their SCAB, if they buy you a beer. You must honour this commitment. Speaking of Honour, where is she? I miss her.





Also, while I have you, SCAB’s are great for mindfulness. When writing you enter a ‘flow state’. It’s so important during the week, to combine this mind exercise with some body work too. That’s right, get moving.


Swim. Run. Dance. Box. Tap. Bat. Lunge. Gallop. Climb. Kick. Hit. Tackle. Walk. Bowl. 


It’s going to do wonders for your mental health.


SCA is most certainly not a sprint. It’s a marathon. Pace yourself. Drink heaps of water throughout the day. Keep in mind the one-day-at-a-time mantra. Andy taught me this. Give everyday your absolute all, but if today hasn’t been your day, have no fear, get to bed bright and early. As Pete says, ‘Sleep is your super power.’ (Watch the recent TED talk on this) Then, enter the next day with your right foot first.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message.


insta: @24Dean 


See you all in just over a month. 

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