To my best friend from ages ago

Jérémy Fonteneau






By @JezzaFonteneau


Today, I decided to call my best friend from ages ago.

Just to give you a bit of background;

We met each other at primary school when we were just 4. We were hanging out during our whole primary school until he suddenly left our school for another one. Since then, we’ve never been in the same school again and nothing brought us together anymore. That was without counting on our strong friendship! We were still together on Wednesdays afternoon and during the weekends. As soon as we had time, we were going to the video game store to buy the new video game and play at his home or at mine during hours and hours. We used to seat down on his couch and we were not just playing; we were talking about everything a teenager can talk about, about school, sport, video games, girls, life… A lot about girls obviously. We were playing and talking during the whole night, and sometimes during a few days and nights. I was the 6th child of his family (he has 4 older brothers) and he was the twin-brother I never had. Unfortunately, as we were growing up, we were also leaving us behind. Life is life. He used to study in Nantes, I used to study in Paris. He’s living in Bilbao, I’m living in London. He’s speaking spanish, I’m speaking english…

But I know for Christmas, he’s coming back home as I am. I know he still speaking French as I am, and it’s Christmas after all. So I had a chance…

So I called him today in the afternoon, I had a good reason; it’s 2 days before Christmas. It was 2pm, exactly the time we used to meet each other for playing on Wednesdays. And as every time during the good old days, he answered. It was a bit weird, a bit funny as well. “Yo” – the first thing he told me, so I retorted. Then we started talking about life, girls, video games and other stuff. I remember wishing him a merry Christmas, he didn’t! He told me to pass by at his place. I bought an old video game we used to play when we were young to bring the good memories back and drove until his house.

His mother opened the door. She was delighted to see me, so we started the conversation, a few seconds later he came up, and we start to laugh at each other as if it was like yesterday. She left, and we both went into his room to play video games with his older brother.

He didn’t offer me a beer or a coffee. He just brings me into his room to play video games with him and his brother like in the old good days, and we started our usual conversations 2 days before Christmas. I wasn’t expecting anything else, it was everything I wanted to.

And guess what? Right now, during the time I’m writing this, I’m still with him, seating on his couch talking about life, girls, and video games.

So thank you and merry Christmas my friend, I’m happy to see that best friendships will never change!

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