To Tomo’s New Partner

(This past week we each had to send Marc the names of three other Fat Penguins we wanted to work with. We find out who we’re paired up with on Monday. Ahead of that, I wanted to write a letter to my future creative partner.)

To whomever has to put up with me,
Hopefully I live up to your expectations. Hopefully we  make some shit hot work. Hopefully we’ll have a lot of fun.
When we’re up at 1am driving ourselves crazy over a yoghurt brand, I hope we can still giggle like Beavis and Butthead. I hope we can make penis jokes when we’re fighting a deadline. Through the ebb and flow of SCA life, I hope we smile and laugh.
Even when our work stinks, I’ll keep believing we’re a moment away from finding some Chanel No. 5. 
If you say we should meet at 8.30am, I’ll be there at 8.23am. If you ask me for a pint, I’ll bring you back a paint with tequila. If you want a cigarette, I’ll roll one for you. 
When everyone expects us to zig, let’s zag. Together.
Yours (from Monday – until we get sick of each other and move on) truly,
P.S. I’ll bring cookies

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