Make sure to stay in touch with family and friends. I know this is obvious, but it really helped me get through the first lockdown and I also reconnected with people I had lost touch with. 

Also make sure to; tell yourself that you’re doing well every day, try something you wouldn’t normally do, and take some time away from the screen.

I find eating roast potatoes very comforting!


Keep your mind busy even if you have nothing to do, just make up something to do. You will find time in lockdown will go much faster and you’ll be fulfilled by what you’ve learnt from your activity.


If possible, work and relax in different places – you’ll find this helps with sleeping! Also as Marc always says, make a plan 🙂 Ooooh and of course, my personal favourite, find a good book to read!

Just become a cat, look at the window, and live through your neighbor’s gardening. Oh and also, buy a yoga mat and alternate between cat and cow poses. It helps with back pains.


Drink more booze. Or maybe drink less. Whatever works for you.


Mike’s top tip for surviving lockdown.  Mix things up.  Have breakfast for supper.  Supper for breakfast.  Lunch for a midnight snack.  Rip out your favourite page from your favourite book, fold it into a boat and then re-enact the sinking of the titanic, except this time the boat makes it to New York.  Write a letter telling someone they own you loads of money and if you don’t get it in 48 hours you’re going to go round to their house to “sort them out,” then stick any old address on it and post it. Take your Christmas tree down one ornament a day and see how long it takes.  And if none of that sounds appealing, I don’t know, bake some banana bread?


Exercise can change everything. Use that hour of outside time to walk, run or even to sit on a park bench for some fresh air and sun (cloudy skies don’t stop the rays coming through). Walk or run up your stairs, or the stairwell in your building. Use YouTube and do some Pilates or Yoga classes- it’s not about the fancy poses that the pros do, you can do Yoga too. Fresh air, sunshine and getting your blood pumping will help keep your serotonin levels at a normal level.

And if you’re unable to exercise (isolating/shielding/handicapped) mental exercises are perfect too. Do some puzzles or download brain teaser apps, play charades or cluedo or Jenga. Read or listen to books. Play guessing games on the phone with family members.

Keep active. Stay safe 🙂

Gaby Grant 

Watch a lot of Live at the Apollo on Youtube. Laughter is key to surviving lockdown. 

Something that made me laugh recently:


If you have a cry in the morning, right after you get up. Then your day can only get better from there… :’)

Shepherd: Impractical Jokers USA version 

Samson: Eating, be merry, spending time with your flatemates and just stay positive and active all day long. 


Blurt out random nonsense noises or made-up words at high volume. Put on a stupid outfit, whack on a tune and dance like an idiot. Act as if your mind has turned to pittle every once in a while, and that might just prevent it from doing exactly that.

Alternatively watch documentaries on Youtube, such as this one about legendary cartoonist, Robert Crumb…

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>


In the wise words of a fish I knew once “just keep swimming…”


Learn a new skill. If my Mum can figure out what a meme is, there’s hope for us all. 

I’m spending my time lining my walls with foil so the man can’t listen in to my conversations using 5G. 

Tier 5 is when everyone turns into a zombie and if you’ve seen Zombieland then you know the most important rule. Rule number 1: Cardio.


I spent the first lockdown living in my van and carving wooden spoons. Sadly I’m not joking.

This lockdown I intend to carve another spoon and do a bit of embroidery too (living inside a flat this time, hopefully). There’s just something about making things with your hands away from a screen. I’m also planning to do some long meditative runs to preserve my sanity. But my main priority is to just commit myself 100% to the course and trust the process; nothing like a national lockdown and impending Armageddon to stoke the creative furnace. 


– Always move and groove your way into and out of your morning shower for positive first thing energy.

– Consume one bowl of peas daily for good health.

– Spend half an hour each eve sat under an orange strip light listening (no visuals) for relaxation and unwinding thoughts. 

(I’m in the midst of a mammoth 43h listen to Shantaram) 


I can’t sing and I definitely can’t dance but Alexa has been my best bud throughout lockdown. Once you start the medley you’ll shock yourself as to where you’ll end up.  Apologies to the neighbours. Because whether they liked it or not they now know every lyric to Careless Whisper oops.  



Firstly, stop setting alarms (no one cares if you are awake). 

Secondly, only eat junk food. 

Thirdly, stop washing (this includes not wiping after number twos). 

Fourthly, double your intake of drugs and alcohol. 

Fifthly, double it again. 

Finally, PANIC! 


Shower. Quickest way to reset and refresh. I’ve had a few three-shower days recently.


DO- Invent new games. Learn the cryptic crossword. Play practical jokes on the people you live with for a laugh. Send a risky text. Give tiktok a try. Cook Christmas Dinner again. Make something new with your hands. Put the heating on. 

DON’T- give up. Forget to drink water. Feel guilty about not being productive enough. Get angry at people who break the rules (they’re a pain but it’s a waste of your energy). Watch anything sad on Netflix.


3-4 hour long bath that you say is to get your creative juices flowing but actually just involves putting on a face mask and getting through 6 true crime podcasts because you don’t like being alone with your thoughts for more than 4 minutes at a time.


Walk! Walk alone, walk with a friend (distanced), walk with family, walk down roads you’ve not had time to walk before, walk to local parks, walk to places you’ll need wellies, walk in the rain, walk in the morning.


Take up running and add five miles incrementally each week, no matter the initial number you start with. The ability starts to compound and within a month you’ll feel incredible. 

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