Trials and Tribulations of an SCAer at a family christmas gathering. By @ethanbennett94

Ethan Bennett

By Ethan Bennett


Trials and Tribulations of an SCAer at a family christmas gathering.

That time of year again. Finding out how everyone in the family has spent the last year in the usual myriad of christmas gatherings. A ritual no-one really wants to partake in but one that must be had, with plenty of wine to help it along.

I’ve come to have a lot of empathy for Chandler Bing recently. No-one really knowing what he does. Being at the school has made it very difficult to succinctly explain what it is I’ve been doing.

Family member: So, how’s all that design course stuff you’re doing? I’ve seen some of it on instagram, looks great!

Me: Well, I don’t actually do design anymore …Strictly. I’m kind of in the business of ‘ideas’, creative advertising, but with some entrepreneurial elements alongside. But I still do some design as part of being an Art Director.

Family member: *look of slight confusion* A ok, sounds interesting! And how long is it for? What happens at the end? Some sort of certificate?

Me: Erm, well no certificate actually. We just go and get a job really. Enter for lots of awards and build a network over the course. Get book crits. Then at the end we have a portfolio day where creative directors come around to look at us and offer us placements.

Family member: *looking even more baffled now* Ah ok then… so you have lots of homework to do over the break?

Me: Yes, we have to write Sun newspaper headlines about our days. Do interesting things and things we’ve never done before! Then write about them. And lots of scamping too. Oh and a passion project!

Family member: Scamping?

Me: Yes its basically quick sketches of ideas, normally for posters. But you can do really nice detailed scamps too for presentation.

Family member: I see I see. *clearly no closer to understanding it all at all* And this ‘passion’ project…?

Me: a hobby, basically.

Family member: Well that all sounds great! 

You see, it’s so easy to get engrossed with the school and forget that no-one outside the school, or advertising in fact, really understands anything you’re saying. It’s so easy to lose touch with the real world.

I’ve since resigned to just saying I think of ideas for ads. Which is annoying as I want to tell them everything about all the amazing masterclasses and experiences and self confidence building, mindfulness exercises, all the famous ad people I’ve met etc etc.

But lets face it, no-one really gives a shit at a family gathering. We’re all just there for the food and wine.

So keep it short, and let Instagram do the talking.

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