We need to talk about The Chip Shop Awards. By @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale


We need to talk about The Chip Shop Awards.

Because last week, Twitter witnessed another industry shitstorm. One Minute Briefs were (rightly) called out for setting a shit brief, leading to shitty sexist ads.

And this puts me in a weird situation.

Phil and I entered the Chip Shop awards this year, and we’re nominated. 

Nominated for a piece of work I’m particularly proud of because it supports my beliefs.

It’s an homage to the women who fought for all of us to be able to do what we’re doing today.

But the award it’s been nominated for is sponsored by One Minute Briefs.

Some individuals in the One Minute Briefs community have, for the second time, proven us all how sexist they are.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for making mistakes, as long as you acknowledge them, apologise for them, correct them and learn from them. But you shouldn’t make them twice. 

This happened last year, and the consequences which followed were minor. But this year is different.

Creative Equals have withdrawn their partnership and support of OMB. Vikki Ross withdrew from her @AgencyQuotes project – which she founded and then partnered with Nick Entwistle on – so she’s no longer associated with Nick, the founder of OMB. 

Huge statements – and massive, positive examples to all of us.

What happened goes completely against equality, inclusivity and diversity – and was not representative of the industry.

So many of us are fighting to change this industry and make it a better place for everyone.

And people facing the consequences of their acts is part of that. 

How can we walk pass on such behaviour? How can we forgive? Call that a ‘misjudgement’ if it happened twice?

I’m fed up of this and tired of people talking and not taking action.

How fucked up is it that people, women included, still defend Nick Entwistle? When he’s the only person with access to the OMB account – a straight white male deciding what ‘work’ gets through. What work is acceptable. 

So what about Chip Shop? How come there’s still a partnership with One Minute Briefs?

I’m glad Phil and I were nominated this year. I have no idea whether it’ll win anything or not. But whatever happens won’t mean shit, unless Chip Shop follows the example Vikki and Creative Equals set.

I’m following their example. I won’t be going.

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