Trust. @Jonothankh

By Jonothan Hunt

I recently heard about two women who changed their names to become male which boosted their business.

How the hell does this happen?

Who are the people who trust any man over any woman?

A few years ago, I started Jad, a business I made from designing flyers, making sites, infographics– you name it. I took anything I felt would further my skills (and make some cash). The first time I was asked if I could make someone a website, I didn’t know how. But I did after a day of working it out.

You’ll never know how to properly play an instrument until you play with others; until I was designing for clients, no online design lesson stuck.

Because I was in my mid-teens, though, people didn’t trust that I could give them quality results.

So I made myself an ‘email signature’ with my handwritten name, website link and a reminder not to print unless really necessary.

This turned things around. Luckily I had a small goaty come along early, so that helped too.

This has taught me to never make a decision about someone because of their age.

I’m one of two people under twenty in this year’s cohort. I’m blessed that Marc let me in when there are people with healthy years of life experience.

I wrote a SCAB on how a little bit extra is not enough and that mentality is what got me here. When I was 16, I got rid of most of what I owned.

Even my clothes.

I replaced them with white Tees and slightly grey shorts and trousers. Jeans were still allowed.

All I had now in my attic room, was a white bed/sofa, a TV (which was my computer monitor) and an alcove in which the clothes were, colour arranged.

I did this because I like to focus on just my work or whatever I’m doing.

My room was at first unpopular with friends, but it became a great place for people to come round and hang out or focus on work because it was always tidy (nothing to mess it up).

I talked to myself in accents, meditated, practiced, cried, crazily danced in that room. I worked on me. I had never really been popular. I was (still am) mad, but spending time in this empty space meant I became comfortable with myself. And so others became more comfortable with mental me.


I think mistakes are often more important than the things that you get right. So doing a bit extra means mistakes are even bigger. But the things that are good become huge.

So trust goes beyond just being between people, but also in yourself– I try my best not to be afraid to make mistakes.

If ya try your best, no one can blame you, unless you’re human trafficking or having sex with animals or something.

Probably not the best time to plug my socials… I’m all over the internet as jonothankh.

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