You best become a Masochist by @DrewDavies94

Drew Davies

By Drew Davies

You best become a Masochist

How can someone derive pleasure from pain?

It’s a strange concept.

Normal humans are geared for life to pursue happiness and avoid pain.

We’re clearly not normal humans. There’s something wrong with us.

David Droga said ‘a psychologist would probably say I have lots of problems, I’ll take them all.’

I realised I’m the same during half term when I was able to make a rare visit to the pub to see ‘old friends.’

We talked about parties they’d been to. People they’ve slept with. Stupid stories from nights out. The places their planning on moving into – and then it was my turn to talk about what I was doing, so I tried my best to sum up this year.

“Basically I work all the time, constantly thinking, stressing, worrying, tinkering, planning and doubting. I pour my life into advertising only to be told I’m absolutely shit.”

This isn’t entirely true, no one has been cruel enough to say I’m shit even though they’ve had the right to – but who doesn’t exaggerate at the pub.

The truth is, no one ever says this is good. I’m happy with this. Well done. Good work.

There’s always something to change.

It may seem like such a small detail. A trivial thing that always takes longer than expected.

You may get frustrated at the person criting you, but don’t.

It’s the criting of the detail you should be happy about.

You see, first you have to get the strategy right.

Then the idea.

Then the execution.

If you’re getting criticism on details in the execution you should be happy – this usually means you are getting the strategy and the ideas right.

It means you are progressing.

Criticism may feel painful at times but if you look through it, you can usually draw pleasure.

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