Extraordinary SCA – By @FlaviaVentura2

By Flavia Ventura


Extraordinary SCA


In the mist of what some may call half term and some ‘the real beginning’, I find myself thinking back to the past six months at SCA.


What was clear from the beginning, was the different starting points between all penguins. If some already had jobs in the industry, some didn’t have any clue of what ‘proposition’ meant or looked like.


I started SCA with a lot of faith: ‘this school will make my work better.’  And the ways I felt about the school are endless. Love, hate, excitement, boredom, belief and they keep changing everyday; it really is this crazy rollercoaster everyone keeps blabbering about.


Term 1 – getting to know yourself more in depth

Term 2 – failure failure failure

Term 3 – raise up high and touch the sky


This is how the year was broke down to us right from the beginning. At the end of week 4 I thought I was tripping.  Was SCA not an advertising school but some sort of non-religious cult? It was sorority years all over again — with a hell of a lot more purpose, and minus all the pointless initiation rituals.


With the passing of time I realized we were learning much more than just making ads, it was all a whole lot bigger than we thought. It’s only now that I understood the sentence Marc told me over that 30 minute Skype interview ‘You are missing big ideas’.


The school is something out of the ordinary. Mentors will tell you that the hows to crack a brief will click at one specific point and you, in your head, will silently doubt it. ‘How can they know how my personal brain, Flavia’s brain works in the end? How can they tell me I’ll get a grasp in this non-perfect science? They’re no magicians.’


You’ll be wrong. I think, for what is worth, that every brief, every little ‘pointless’ exercise they have us do at the school has a specific purpose. I re-read this sentence and it seems empty, something any school could state, I really mean it; everything is calculated, even failures are calculated.


We are exactly where they told us we would be at this specific time —  and we’re still not sure how it happened. Looking back at the past two briefs we were given, the improvement has been colossal. All teams stepped it up. What I’ve noticed is not necessarily an improvement in creativity. What has become clear is that the more we progress in the course, the more we can make sense of our ideas and the more we can get rid of holes in them.


Slowly but surely we’ll ‘get there’.

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