More dots…

Another submission of dots. This is usually known as the Art Director cop out for the school, and have recently become banned, but Shannon, this isn’t a cop out I promise and this time comes with a more important realisation. 

Since coming to the school my brain is always working on overdrive working through problems from the week, whether that’s SMP’s, what I am going to do for my reflection, the one week brief, or competitions we have coming up and I haven’t been this stimulated since, well forever. I wake up in the morning and my brain is already working on what I fell asleep on last night. Sometimes I even invent briefs in my dreams!

But there’s one thing I’ve noticed, a down side to thinking this much and that is I’ve become less present. A constant reminder of this is that my friends and family are clicking or waving at me as my eyes start to glaze over, I’m physically in the room but mentally I’m back at my desk at school. 

And this is a problem as advertising insights as per my last scab come from your immediate surroundings and the need to be tuning into them.

And in the words of my meditation guide. There’s a lot of importance between absorbing the moment and feeling the relationship between everything – Jonni Pollard.

So I’m going to challenge myself to pick up  5/10 dots a day and see if this encourages me to get out of my head and reconnect with the world again.

Here’s my day of dots from yesterday and I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


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