Interview day: how to make your own luck

Having had to go through two interviews, I thought maybe I could try and give future interviewees a little bit of my personal advice on what I think you should do and what you should avoid doing during your interview day.

#1: Avoid being late.

Marc hates us being late. He will hate you more if you are.

I remember for my second interview, a girl had troubles with her commute and got there half an hour late. With or without the best reason, the first impression you give is that you give no f*ck. Even if you actually do. And this girl is not in our intake this year. 

#2: Don’t fake a personality.

If you are cool, cool. If you’re not, it’s still cool. 

Marc doesn’t really care about which uni you come from or if you come from uni. He’s looking for talent and talent hides behind potential and sometimes personality. Also, Marc is not the only one interviewing you. Other mentors are too. Which means if you find a way to fool Marc, I highly doubt you’ll find a way to fool all the rest of the room.

Relax and be yourself.

#3: Avoid wasting our time.

When I say this, I know I sound b*tchy and pretentious but hey, see rule #2.

Everyone takes on his or her own time for you. Marc and the mentors. They are all bloody busy, at any time of the year. So when you start to present, make us forget about our briefs and deadlines. Don’t assume we want to know you and learn more about you because most of us actually don’t really care until you make us care. 

#4: Don’t think it is a corporate interview.

Please. It is not a corporate school. 

It’s alright not to know exactly what to expect. But it’s not alright to prepare your perfect speech with the perfect answers for the perfect fitting personality – see rule #2.

Marc wants realness. Scare him. Make him laugh or cry. But do not tell him how creative you are. Show him. Prove it to him because he’ll be the judge of that. 

#5: No doesn’t always mean no.

Your presentation is not the only thing about your interview day. You’ll see, there are other activities – no biggie, everything will be fine, promise. Which means if you mess it up, there will be something else for you to try and shine. Maybe.

But in case this day isn’t yours and Marc gives you the call of “I’m sorry but I can’t offer you a place in my school”, don’t just answer with your breaking voice that it’s fine. Ask for a second chance, he’s all about them. 

And when you come back PLEASE, take it as the greatest gift of all. 

Smash your presentation. Smash your other activities. Smash it all.

Now that you have more advice on how to get into the highest rated ad school in the world, take my advice, or don’t. But please, be smart: Don’t f*ck it up.

Or come have a chat on twitter, I swear we’re all as cool as you think we are. 


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