Two Schools Of Thought + 50 Brand Strategies* You Can Keep: By @CiRCUStrongman

By Lee Allen


Two Schools Of Thought + 50 Brand Strategies* You Can Keep:

At SCA we’ve be always been the taught the problem, solution (and relevant abruption) approach to tackling briefs, but in recent weeks we’ve often encountered a slightly different approach to doing things when we’ve been out on crits. While many agencies do appreciate the problem solving from students, others, particularly a lot of the big traditional agencies have seemed a lot less interested in problem solving and logic, and more impressed by simple flips, or reframings; one-line strategies that change how you look at a brand.

In the past month me and Terrible Tomo have had to rewire our brains ever so slightly in an attempt to master this dark art and while we’re now getting the hang of it, it’s certainly not easy, below is a list of reframings we’ve ditched. There are slightly less feasible attempts as well as things that are closer to a smart line than a strategy.

Help yourself to all.
1. The Body Shop – We don’t test on animals but the animals wish we did 2. Greggs – Dog food for humans.
3. Anadin Extra – The morning after pill
4. Match Magazine – FourFourTwo for idiots.
5. HSBC – Too big to fail
6. StubHub – Better late than never
7. NFL – Chess On Steroids
8. MLB – Cricket on steroids
9. Weedol – Nobody likes a grass
10. Freddo – A shrewd investment
11. Carlsberg Special Brew – The best part about being homeless
12. Schweppes Tonic Water – The gin gets all the credit
13. Amazon Echo/ Dot/ Alexa – Children ask a lot of questions
14. Dulux – All you need to paint a Rothko
15. Carling – The usual usual
16. Bet Stars – Bet on yourself
17. Next – Spy wear (clothes no-one will notice you in)
18. Kinder Egg – When you’re too old to visit a toy shop
19. Galaxy Ripple – A reason not to be vegan
20. Andrex – The most important thing on the shopping list
21. Thorpe Park – Because British people love to queue
22. Kindle – Downsize your bookshelf
23. Uber – Chauffeurs for Z-Listers

24. Range Rover – Look down on other drivers
25. Vaseline – Kiss with confidence
26. Bakers Dog Food – No dog has complained yet
27. Tiffany & Co – For the man that has everything
28. Norton Antivirus – Your computer’s GP
29. V05 – Make up for men
30. Bupa – The Conservatives can’t wait to share it with you
31. Injury Lawyers 4 U – Because it’s never your fault
32. Bourneville – Methadone for chocolate fiends
33. Rich Tea Biscuits – The power to make or break your tea.
34. Beck Blues – Drink Irresponsibly
35. Audi – Cars that make you say OOOO (the logo)
36. Superdrug – A Drug dealer you can trust
37. MetOffice – Keeping Britain talking
38. Coors – Holy Water (accused of being watered down)
39. Lemsip – Worth getting ill for
40. Pets At Home – The discreet place to buy bondage attire
41. St Tropez – There’s an easier way to be black
42. HMV – Music for motorists
43. Mazda – The vehicle for people who’ve almost made it.
44. FitBit – A commitment to fitness
45. Dirt Devil – Our hoovers suck… what else?
46. KFC – Musclefood
47. KFC – Pest Control
48. McDonald’s – Assisted Suicide
49. Oak Furnitureland – Furniture Porn: Giving our customers solid wood since 2009 50. Flake – Worth the risk

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