Warble 2.0 – By @alexjheath

Warble 2.0

Flat move done. Not living out of my rucksack and car now, which is a welcome change. 

Just finished the silent movie I needed to get done for the start of term. It feels like an age  since I’ve had actual projects to sink my teeth into. I know I’ll be projecting out of my  effing ears this year, but after years of only feeling busy, it’s something of a luxury to feel  engaged

Weird – since I’ve started preparing for ad-school, I’m suddenly coming across a hell of a  lot of material exploring the perils of a society oversaturated by increasingly aggressive  marketing, and questioning the ethics of advertising.  

It’s been a hard question to answer. I’m not natural salesman and I don’t hold a lot of love  for the channels of consumerism or material obsession we’ve societally tuned into. So  why on earth am I advertising? Most pertinently, when there are a few thousand other  things that seem to need desperate attention, is this really the best time to sit in an office  and sell stuff?  

The best sense I can make of it is that this really is the best place to be… 

Globally, we sit at a juncture where the powers of communication, be that beneficial or  destructive, are unmistakably clear to us, yet the places that may lead us have never been  so opaque. An industry that sits at the very heart of this conversation is undoubtedly well placed to interrogate it. Moreover, when the direction of the world itself can well be  settled by the communication of an idea, an industry in which ideas are a currency is a  very relevant place to start. 

(Interlude sponsored by Bill Evans) 

Now I’m aware that I’ll spend this next year drafting ideas to sell potatoes to ponies or  whatever, but in some twisted way, that feels like the most appropriate training to try and  tackle an often nonsensical, and rather frustrating world. Or at least learn to speak to it in 

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