Watson what is this yellow submarine doing next to my house? BY @sperfys

Federica Martini

By Federica Martini


Watson what is this yellow submarine doing next to my house?

I remember when I moved to London one year ago, I used to spend all of my days off exploring the city, from the very neighborhood to the main attractions. Well my friends used to call me snob or unsocial for a big amount of time, only because I never want dot get drunk with them every bloody Saturday night in a random Pub in Camden Town. I didn’t move to such a place to spend my time recovering from hungover and working in random places only to survive month by month. Want to grow up, I want to discover new little things every day.

I had to blame myself lately, living such an intense and strictly scheduled life made me miss this one good habit of mine, it feels like I don’t live in London anymore but in that 30 minutes journey from home to SCA.
A few days ago I had an important appointment in Warren street (yes one of those Victoria lines stop that I see every morning but never got off at), and a friend of mine works in Baker street and we decided to meet. It was only 20 min walk distance…let’s walk!
Once I reached Baker street I wanted to see Sherlock Holmes house (I’m a big fan), from the very first step you walk there everything is about him, bar, pubs, restaurants, shops and so on, you almost hear the tv show jingle in your head. Following the queue line till the front of the house i noticed something highly unexpected for the location: a window with original Beatles items, what the hell? I jumped in…Yes a bunch of Japanese guys owns a “The Beatles” shop that sells original autographed records for a few grands each in Baker street, next to sherlock Holmes house.
In my opinion this doesn’t make sense at all, but that was exactly the unexpected I was looking for.

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