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By @DanielLilley_


Another crazy week, too much stuff has gone on to even give an overview of everything as its all a bit of a blur so I decided to focus on something smaller.

This week and last week we visited agencies, I’m guessing Marc split them up so we got to see a variety as all the ones we saw were very different. Now at these agencies we got shown around by a variety of different people, from ex SCA Creatives to the Creative Director. 

Something I found quite interesting that I want to focus on in this SCAB was the way they answered questions. The less experienced people found some questions difficult to answer, its not that they didn’t get us a proper answer but I could see them struggling to turn their thoughts into a coherent response. 

The more experienced people were not like this at all, Ivan (a Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather) for example would be able to take any question he was not prepared for and almost immediately respond with something that made perfect sense and even expanded upon the original question.

It reminded me of something id previously heard about Advertising not being something anybody is immediately good at as its more of a way of thinking then anything else.


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