We have totally screwed up – By @NicholasKugge

Nicholas Kugge

By Nicholas Kugge


“We have totally screwed up”


That’s the words of Volkswagen’s CEO announcing to the press they had been faking pollution tests on 11 million vehicles. What’s even worse is how they managed to discredit in a blink the entire German industry. Robust, reliable, efficient, these are words we associate German products with. Well, not anymore – even if the sophistication of these “defeat devices” is unprecedented. The other day, as I was watching TV, I saw a furniture ad bragging about the reliability of its German engineered sofas. How could we trust them anymore? I immediately got suspicious about this “Gërmän söfä” despite having no other relation to VW than its country of origin. Maybe they should have pulled their ad?

But what’s even more dramatic than rejecting 1 million tons of extra pollution in the environment is how this affects me. Let me explain. I’ve created something called “The OMG Box”. It’s basically a folder where I stock all sorts of tangible and intangible wishes, things which can drive me the extra mile. One of them is to own a Beetle. I’ve never really been a car fan, I find most of them look the same unlike this VW. That’s why I’ve succumbed to the Lemon. But as you might have guessed I don’t feel like buying one anymore.

As Volkswagen just destroyed 40 years of great advertising it will be interesting to see how long it will take to regain trust among people? Will I ever buy a Beetle? How their advertising will change after this? And what will be the impact of this scandal on the German economy? Poor Angela.

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