Why communication ? By @charl_49

By Charlotte Allard



Why communication ?


Communication. It’s what I choose. Everything started during my time in university. I was freshly half-independent and renter of a room in a small city. Important steps happened, I met new people and cross the life of some old friends. I passed my 2 year diploma in business, administration and management. We had some classes of communication, marketing and negotiation but it wasn’t a speciality. Then I got a job near where I lived and tried put myself into it. I was a collaborator in a small insurance office company. But it doesn’t fit with my wishes and personality. I was ready for having a more action and adventure, I wanted another experience rather than staying in this job made fore a mum with Wednesday off to carry her kids. I guess this experience freaked me out. Moreover, in the same period, I loose someone close to me and I couldn’t face the situation. Escape game was happening. I decided to go abroad and take time to discover “who Am I ?”. I also wanted to avoid mercy and complaisance around me.  This brings me in London. New start, nobody talking about the lost, everything was set up to allow me to move forward and target a bigger life goal.


The first step was to learn English. Before to leave I looked at all the fantastic organisations who are selling trips experience with English classes and hosts families. Unfortunately or not, I choose to avoid the exorbitant prices of it because one of the goals of all of this was to be actually independent and indebted to anyone. So I had to found a job in order to speak English and finance my life in London. Once having a national insurance number, a place to live and a bank account (literally all you need to have to begin a life in London), I went meeting businesses with my printed CV, did 2 interviews and took the job that was the more exciting between them. That’s how I’ve been welcomed in the hospitality industry. I had the chance to participate to a restaurant opening. It was 3 weeks paid training, only French waitress amongst Italian, Polish and Bulgarian, the best efficient way to progress. Hopefully, sommelier team was mainly French and help me, in their way. After a time, we became a real team, went out and enjoy our time in London. People left, new staff arrived. So I looked around me. It was a PR agency in charge of the restaurant; one of my new colleague was French and here for few months. He had a plan: carry on his study in a communication school. It was the time for me to go back in France and leverage my English into the communication industry.


I went back, it was different, everybody took time to grieve and carry on to live faster. I guess I wasn’t ready to face it again. Not yet. I had the chance to do a second semester in London; I immediately took this opportunity and manage to be a student and a part-time waitress.


Today I know that I’m maybe not ready to go home, but I’m ready to build an international career. This experience gave me motivation and makes me more ambitious than before thanks to all the person I met. Only the time will show us, but I’m sure it’s just the beginning of a bigger adventure. I just hope that I will found the key to go back home at one point.



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