Due date. – By @McfadzeanSusan

By Susan Mcfadzean


Due date.

Recently we invited some of our SCA family in for beers and Q&A regarding our fast-approaching due date. Some gems of advice came up, so I thought I’d share.
First of all, arrive well rested. I will be damned if my partner doesn’t get her beauty sleep the night before the big day.
Train your cheeks. Portfolio day means lots of smiling and bags of energy. That’s one we’ve got covered.
Do something to stand out. But at the same time keep a tidy desk.
Be fun and show your personality. But also let your work do the talking.
Keep in touch, keep building relationships and keep thanking everyone. I can say that I am already full of gratitude for everyone who takes the time to visit us on our portfolio day.
Post-portfolio day, be ready to shift the weight on the pedal. Rest but also continue to work. The battle for the perfect book will never slow up. It can always be made better.
Placement time: be happy, nice, full of energy and be heard. Don’t fall into the woodwork. Everyone has their own agenda and you should be present enough that they remember you exist.
If you’re not happy, move on. Teams might split and directions might do a U-turn but keep your goals in sight and strive for them until you get there.
Go the extra mile for the full-time offer. Refuse to leave. Convince the ECD. Print out all your work and show it off. Celebrate yourself because if you don’t, others might not.
It’ll be a shock to leave the womb of SCA. But apparently, you can always recognise your own, so although it’s scary entering the real world, it’s comforting knowing there should be someone there to catch you. So if you’d like to witness our birth, book in to meet Helena and I at portfolio day. We’ll probably be coming out upside down and kicking and screaming but we’ll be fully grown creatives in no time.


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