All Hail Print Campaigns – By @AliciaCliffe

Alicia Cliffe

By Alicia Cliffe


All Hail Print Campaigns


A large focus at the moment seems to be making great work on digital platforms. It’s the golden platform where you can reach audiences in so many ways, in so many different forms.


There is an obvious benefit to nailing this, not only basking in your own digital glory, but the ability to connect brands with so many people and so quickly.


There are lots of reasons people focus on digital; the fact everyone spends hours on hours glued to their screens, the wide choice of content available online and the problems with ad blocker and viewers skipping videos after 3 seconds.


It also opens up all realms of creative and gives you new ways to create clever turns and fun scenarios.


Yet, the most valuable piece of advice I think we seem to forget is the ability to create a simple, easy for my mum to get print campaign. It’s the stuff that sells a product, it’s the stuff that pays the bills and it’s the stuff that sells your idea.


It’s easy to get carried away with your head down an advertising hole. Then when you come up for air, you realise that your drawing only makes sense to you and that’s because you’ve been working on it for days.


It is hard to do.


And we’ve definitely struggled to do it


But that’s the art!


Once I can get that idea across so simply, I might actually be able to start to ‘do’ advertising.


So remember, knock digital off the throne because print is the real king.

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