Week One at SCA by @Bumzberry1

Bunmi Akinwale

By Bunmi Akinwale


I’m at the stage where I feel like part of a jigsaw.

So….. I started the day after everyone else, and when I came in I did feel quite out place, but the respect and kindness from the others made me feel more comfortable and at ease.

I was already expecting me to be quiet on the first week, but I really don’t do this to be anti-social….. I just have a bad habit of observing to figure out where I fit.

It’s not like your average normal lecturer or school, the vibe is quite peculiar but exciting at the same time. There’s a wooden swing in the classroom for goodness sake so that will be my obsession (yes I have claimed the swing). Everyone is extremely friendly, which is what I adore.

Especially the mentors. They are so welcoming and friendly (I could learn a thing or two from them).

I was ill the first day, which is annoying because there was certain stuff mentioned that I will hear bits and pieces from the other students, whilst looking baffled, trying to figure what on earth I had missed.

I liked the second (well my first) day with the three activities to help prep us for what is yet to come and how to become less stressed.

I admired the advice of Ben the Buddhist he had some amazing insights in terms of how to handle ourselves. The idea of acceptance, ‘accepting you are thinking and allowing it to flow’, and accepting who we are and how to deal with the ‘monkey’ within us.

Deanna’s activity was innovative; the idea of practicing how to freely allow one’s mind to wonder is refreshing. I like to think liberally and write whatever comes to mind so I connected well with the task. Spoken word is a hobby that I enjoy to listen to let alone write about it. We were given a task to use the words that we all had contributed writing down. From these words we had to collectively (some singles) produce some sort of poem and then perform it. Ours was more humorous and played with the words, but me personally, I feel like spoken word/ poetry is more personal and intimate, it allows a person to become more expressive and creative with the play of words.

The improv…. I wasn’t really keen for, because I get really embarrassed very easily. Not because I care how people perceive me more, but based on the fact that it was unfamiliar to me.

I guess they are trying to get us out of our comfort zone and allow ourselves to take more risks which are methods I need to learn to do.

Visiting the other agencies gave me a much wider perspective on how the industry of Advertising works and the different positions that it also entitles.

Overall I do look forward to this year and hope to indulge and apply the advice I was given this week, the thought process I was taught and the ability to put others into consideration.    

Peace out


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