You won’t print this – By @DrewDavies94

Drew Davies

By Drew Davies


You won’t print this

Since my last scab some Swedish poets came in. One gave us a class in spittin’ bars with punchlines. I don’t have his baggy grey trackies, Gandalf beard or dreadlocks but still feel I can spit some bars of real pain on my arch nemisis, the SCA printer.

You’re fat, grey and old

and it disgusts me that I have to use your filty hole.

Even more, I have to que in line,

behind other students, I don’t know why I waste my time,

what’s more – I got a deadline at half past nine.

So I stayed up late last night to beat it,

but at the last hurdle I’ve been defeated,

because your system is so shit and depleted.

Tech these days has a short life,

but you were alive long before we used quills to write,

You probably think you’re special with your own set on instructions,

but we’re all impatiently awaiting your destruction,

and if I could choose which tool to use I would choose the ultimate form of abuse.

Late night in the studio when it’s dark and quiet I’ll start a riot.

I’ll pummel your front, sides and back with a baseball bat.

I’ll pleasure myself at the sight of debris and splinters,

knowing that the bat came from a 3D printer.

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