How To Approach A Girl With An SMP by @Goodworkmyboy

Søren Birk






By Søren Birk


I feel that we all know what a SMP are and what differentiate the good from the bad and therefore with one simple line can persuade the audience. I’m so influenced by writing briefs and SMPs that i more or less do it on everything that surrounds me.  I can’t help myself.

Recently when I sat at a pub I spotted a girl that I found interesting and thought that I’d better say hi to her. And the next thought was what to say – which SMP should i approach her with. Here is the brief:



Well defined Problem:

How can i persuade her that I am interesting enough to spend an evening with.

Who am I talking to (audience):

I’m talking to a young, pretty woman. I observed that she have such a cheerful personality and don’t mind expressing herself. She looks very self confident and knows how to react on surprises. Her dress style reveals that she has an eye for color composition and good taste. I could see that she enjoy life and don’t take life so seriously.


What do she think before the message:

She hasn’t found the right guy that knocks her off her feet and therefore thinks that it’s hard to find such a guy.

Insight / truth:

A girl like her loves a guy with self confident, personality and that he knows what he wants.


What is my positioning:

My positioning need to be different others to get her attention. That means that i can’t tell her that i’m creative (it’s already a cliche). But i can show her that i’m a creative thinker with a smile in mind.


Who am i Competing against:

The competition in this situation is coming from the other guys at the pub.

SMP (say that in a more inspiring way…):

The first opening is so important to persuade her that i’m an exciting guy so i need to say something unusual and on the other hand it can’t be too special neither. I don’t see Joey’s “how are you doin” working for anybody else. It should be relevant abruption for her.


“hey there, do you know how you can drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it…?”*

Solution / Idea (how can I solve the problem):
I need to show her who I am, my personality and my way of thinking.
What do I want her to think after:
I want her to think “what an interesting guy, that i need to know more about”.
What do I want her to do now:
I want her to enjoy the rest of the evening with me.


Use of Medium:
The right medium to use in this situation must be experiential. In other words make a product test.
Tone of voice:

intelligent , funny, smiling, persuasive and exciting.

Finally ready to make my move but where was she. Gone…

(answer to SMP question – Concrete floors are very hard to crack)


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