Welcome to Casewick Road! By @Nunumrmas

Nuria Ramos

By Nuria Ramos


Welcome to Casewick Road! 
The friendly house of SCA, the place where you can feel as home, you can have deep conversation or the most silly once. The place where Blaz, Adriano, Zac and me share with one chemist and physicist guy and another english girl. You can imagine how creative and crazy could be a dinner conversation. Yes! An Italian dinner where Adriano cook risotto or pasta and we drink a bottle of wine to celebrate nothing. Where you realise that Blaz hates vegetables but he still trys to eat them… or in case he has a 2kg kellog’s bag. 
Is the place where if you are sleeping at 7 am you will have everybody in your bedroom trying to wake you up just jumping in your bed, all together of course. But then you have a lovely toast and tea waiting for you in the kitchen.
Here you can shout, dance, laugh, tell jokes, observe, play ping-pong, meditate, sing, sleep, have a hug when it’s needed or do whatever you want. This is my house and they are my housemates. Here we enjoy the working and we have fun. Our doors are open to everyone hope to see you soon here CUP! 

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