Welcome to Love Island 2.0 – By @iamvandale

By Adeline Vandale


Welcome to Love Island 2.0

Welcome to our island.

It’s called SCA.

It’s disguised as a school,

But you’re here to play.

Don’t get fooled too fast,

You’re here to find your second half,

So get ready for a full set

Of cry, love and laugh. 

It’s a cool school,

Of course it is.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Or things will get pretty ugly.

You’re here for the big prize,

Which is a job in you dream agency,

For which you’ll have to fight

Sometimes quite ferociously.

Remember things you throw in the vault

Leave as fast a bird flies away,

And the persons you call your mates,

Might throw you under the bus any day.

Beware of Chinese whisper,

Because that’s what people do:

Repeating stuff you say,

Turn them against you.

It’s because it’s intense,

We all try to escape,

By finding a gossip or two,

Of all kinds and shapes.

If you’re clever enough,

You’ll avoid all this shit,

By minding your own business,

And focusing on your grit.

Stay away from the drama,

Keep your private life out of here,

Stay cool to people,

After all, it’s only one year.

You snooze you lose,

Keep your eyes on the prize,

Forget about the booze,

That’s the best I can advise.

Take my words as a lesson,

I’ve done two years here.

I’ve lost my own way,

For those words to come to your ear.

Don’t get me wrong,

Everyone’s sound,

Just grow a thick skin,

And keep playing around.

Remember you’re here to work,

Making friends is non-compulsory,

But being nice to people,

Is nothing but mandatory.

You’re here to find a work partner,

Not a best mate,

Someone you can work with,

Even when it gets late.

In the end you’ll get your mates,

Like I have mine,

Just remember you’re here to work,

Not to continuously whine. 

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