WFH fits. – By @LawrenceESlater

WFH fits.

No one is judging you when you are working from home so you can dress really boringly or really extra. Let’s start from the bottom up.


This isn’t necessary but for optimum comfort and focus, I wear slippers. I’ve recently switched from my north face puffa slippers to the Adidas slide. As the north faces left my feet sweaty when spring sprung. I really feel like you can’t beat the sock and pool slide combo. Feels great, looks iconic. Makes me feel like I’m in LA.


I tend to wear a plain white athletic sock. Now and again I put on a thin black sock, makes me feel more business. Perfect for that morning zoom call book crit. Sidebar, my favourite socks are the ones that are specifically designed for either your left or right foot. Doesn’t make a difference but keeps me in check.


This is where I’m really in my element. I am really into a bold trouser. I have a huge range of pyjama’s as my mum buys me a new set every Christmas. I like these as they are mostly patterned, bit more fun and a lot more comfortable than a jean. I am currently wearing the striped Ralph’s. Generally, though I feel like it’s important to get properly dressed, usually for me this a tracksuit bottom (properly dressed lol) or some workwear trousers (dickies.)

Up top

Above the hips I always go for a T-shirt. Never a shirt. My current favourite is a long sleeve striped T-shirt with a couple of small stains on the chest. The fabric tho is super soft so am happy to excuse the tough stains. (The stripes distract from them too.) Over the top of this, I normally have a hoody for optimum comfort.


I usually wear a black Calvin Klein boxer short. The day I do my laundry though I’m normally left wearing swim shorts under my trousers. 


On my left wrist, there is a garmin watch. This is a sports watch to track my running. A bit geeky but super handy if you run a lot. I normally wear a lot of hats but very rarely when at home. I will be only be wearing one if I’ve just got in from walking the dog or really feeling upset about my uncut hair.

Normally when getting dressed I wouldn’t want to wear multiple patterns. However, I’m currently wearing a horizontally striped T-shirt and vertically striped trousers. This is all ok when working from home. Enjoy wearing weird combos guys. 

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