‘What a beautiful day’ @susanmcfadzean

By Susan Mcfadzean
A blog post on the weather. 
Being Scottish, it is something we talk about a lot. It’s a conversation starter. A filler. It works as an ender. You can say it in passing or as a random exclamation mid-sentence. It will always be received with absolute conviction and probably the conversation will take the usual turn; talk about how lucky we are to see the sunshine (that day, week or month) and then confirm to each other we shouldn’t complain either way; many are much worse off than us. 
I first noticed this babble of conversation didn’t really stand elsewhere when I traveled Australia. First I blamed it on the fact that repeating how hot it was day after day just wasn’t too interesting. But then it dawned on me, at home we are happy to talk about the rain every day, even when it’s sunny we talk about how lucky we are it isn’t raining. But it just doesn’t pass with people down here either. The barista isn’t fussed when you tell her this is your favorite time of year with the autumn leaves and crisp blue skies. And the bus driver definitely doesn’t want to hear it. 
Now I know I’m not a rocket scientist making this observation. Clearly, it is just a culture thing. And I’m not losing any sleep over it. But I just find it a bit funny. It reinstates the faster pace of life down here I guess. No one appreciates the cashier taking longer as she gets caught up explaining how she lost her umbrella in the turbulent winds last night. But it makes me laugh. 
I began this blog post with the intentions try to explore my love & hates in life; I was set this homework at Comedy School. And I know when I get up on stage I have no choice but to acknowledge the Scottish accent. Airing the fact that yes I can be difficult to understand when I get excited or carried away, then I can choose to either run with it or brush it under the carpet and move on with my topic of choice. 
But first to fulfill what I set out to do: 
Apparently, I love talking about the weather. 
I hate umbrellas. Get your hood up and get on with it.
I hate people who check the forecast: don’t you know it’s always wrong? 
I love a sunny winters day. Much better than summer. No argument. 
I love struggling to walk along an icy pavement trying not to fall whilst watching others flail around at the same time. We all look stupid together. 
I love that I love that weather here whilst everyone else thinks it is sh*t. Honestly, guys, it’s really not that bad. 
Thanks for listening!! 

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