Learning Chess – By @FlorrieMacleod

Learning Chess

Day one

I spent the afternoon learning the basics of chess with my Grandma. We are both novices, and found ourselves relying heavily on an old games book, which happened to have a guide to chess. The book implied that the game of chess was quite simple, however, we both got rather confused with all of the different pieces and their specific movements. So, in the end we made up our own rules. (The game passed quite quickly and I voted myself the winner!)

Two days later

After our somewhat shaky start to chess we both committed to spending more time reading the rules. We enlisted the help of another family member, and the game lasted longer. I seemed to be in danger of checkmate for most of it. Going forward I need to plan my future moves, work out the strategy, and practice more.


I am gearing up for our final game today. (I need to go and set the board up in a minute.)

It has been really lovely spending time with Grandma. Due to lockdown this our first time seeing her since January. My Grandparents have always been a big source of support. I miss my Grandad being here, he passed away last year. We used to play dominoes and Grandad would be giving my pug dog big pieces of cheese, whilst my grandma looked on shocked! I am very grateful for my family and friends and I know they are going to be a great support in the exciting year to come.

Thank you.

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