What does it take to be the best? – By @CharlesHueWill1

What does it take to be the best? 

I will explain in the only way I know how… 

I don’t have enough practice at being the best but I do know what it takes and this knowledge has been provided to me by a passion for certain Japanese Anime. My favourite genre is the Hero type and they all have pretty similar guidelines on how to be the best. 

When pushed to the edge or potentially nearing defeat you should always stay positive. Even if you’re unsure of the outcome, others are looking to you for hope and you must reward that belief, with your own resolve. 

The SCA philosophy is that hard work beats talent and these words hold even truer on the battlefield to hero success. This is an undercurrent theme that most stories share, in which the lead must preserve against all odds to reach their goal. They start as the underdogs but through applied effort always come out on top. 

The journey is a gradual process but their focus never wavers. Reflecting on each lesson they’ve learnt or experience shared to gain a better understanding on how to overcome the challenge at hand. It’s never an instant transition and it doesn’t come easy. Starting as an unknown with big dreams, it is pure determination and self-belief that carries them through to a reality, in which they prove their worth. 

The journey to Herohood is a wild river, with only a single passage of stones to guide the way. Each getting smaller and more challenging. Everytime one is surpassed the next engages a whole new test of courage. 

Constantly taught that the difference between being good and the best, is the ability to aim for the top rather than allowing yourself to settle. Each Hero has a guardian that shows them the way. Someone they truly respect and who’s wisdom they never reject. A pillar that they admire but still aim to surpass, that sees our Hero’s potential and helps sculpt it into a symbol for future generations to admire. 

The problems they face escalate alongside the development of their own skill. As our Hero’s knowledge and power increase, so do the threat levels from the enemies that stand in their way. Every time you become confident in your Hero’s success, there is a new foe that challenges this expectation. Sometimes by such a margin that your presupposition is polarised and you lose sight of what was once thought an inevitable victory. 

Our Hero has a far stronger mindset however. They know that it is all or nothing and there is only one reasonable outcome. Never stopping, they don’t allow themselves to know defeat. Giving up is not an option and they accept that when you have nothing left to give, you have to give that little bit more. 

You must go beyond your limits. 

You have to go PLUS ULTRA. 

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