What Fat Penguin stands for


By Fat Penguin – The Intake of 2016/17


What Fat Penguin stands for


Daisy BardDaisy – Fat Penguin as ‘ice-breaker’ is the archetypal Christmas cracker joke, which makes it perfectly appropriate for our year. Christmas crackers are typically enjoyed between two people (a partnership, if you will) in a family setting (our studio, if you will) at Yuletide (sorry there’s no cool way to finish that triad. IF YOU WILL). Basically they’re all about playing together, silly copy and having fun – which our term so far has been all about. So long live Fat Penguins




Anam KibriaAnam – Penguins are all about tight group hugs and sticking together to brave out the cold cold arctic winters. Similarly, Fat Penguin will create meaningful work that will draw the world closer together as we face the bigger issues that are affecting our planet.




Sophie EdwardsSophie – In winter no penguin can survive alone. Within a huddle everyone takes turns on the cold outer edge to reap the rewards of the warm centre. They work in a group. They take on anything – starvation, blizzards and the occasional killer leopard seal. We are no different. The advertising world can be hard. The competition can be huge. But we are Fat Penguins – the best animal to tackle these conditions.




Lauren PetersLauren – Every great revolution starts with a conversation from which the desire to collaborate to better the status quo is born. We are Fat Penguin, and we are here to change the world, one conversation at a time. It really is that black and white.




Marianne Wathne JohansenMary – When a penguin finds a mate, they stay together forever. Hopefully, we’ll all find the creative penguin partner of our lives at SCA. Here’s to making viral videos, breaking the ice and having a laugh while solving problems with our fellow fat penguins!





Tomo TakaTomo –  In my head our agency is a little nod to Pingu aka the OG fat penguin, aka the godfather of icebreakers. Like the fella, our cuteness will translate across the globe.





Alexandra SimsAlexandra – My favourite animal is the penguin so if I had to lose to any other at naming the agency, I’m happy for it to be Fat Penguin. Why are they so great? They live in colonies. They’re sociable and thrive on the interactions they have with each other yet are still independent. There are no assigned leaders in the penguin realm, they will follow based on a good idea for action and this structure means they’re adaptable. If we can all emulate penguins in our work and behaviour then we’ll change the world for the better in no time.



Ludo ThomasLudo – The ad industry, similar to mother nature, is a ruthless environment. However, Penguins are incredibly resilient, they continue to survive in the toughest spheres of the world no matter the elements. As young creatives and as fat penguins we will embody that resilience.




Henry FoenanderHenry – Penguin Facts: Penguins huddle for warmth when their ice homes get too chilly. They are also the only animals with 3 belly buttons. Some penguins are able to jump up to 7 ft in the air! The first penguin to go to space was an emperor penguin named ‘flippy’ in 1977. Also I made all this up.  Long live fat penguin.  





Adeline DechaudAdeline – Marc: and your agency name is…

Me whispering to myself: please not fat penguin, please not fat penguin, please not…


Me: meh.


Jacob de FigueiredoJacob: A fat penguin losing balance and falling flat on it’s fat little face is a pretty hilarious image. Try and extract some insight from that.





Flavia VenturaFlavia: Fat penguins. There was no other name that I would have rathered. I think it’s the perfect combination between the hello world brief and this intake’s personality.





Robyn FrostRobyn – Let’s be black and white about this (mmhm) – penguins are the best of the birds. Here’s why: 

– Unlike regular, basic birds, they don’t fly – unexpected, right?
– They spend 50% of their time on land, and 50% at sea – they’re adaptable AF.
– Larger penguins live in colder climates, and smaller ones live in warmer ones – we’ll take our talent global.
– They have huge appetites – we’ll eat our competitors for lunch.

Got a brief for us? Serve it up and we’ll chow it down. Yum, thanks.


Sam BeaumontSam – I think the whole point of Fat Penguin is that we’re changing the world one small, waddling step at a time; breaking that metaphorical ice until we’ve reached everyone and made the whole world a little bit happier.





Sasha MidgleySasha – My favourite thing about fat penguin is the the strapline ‘risk takers, ad makers, ice breakers’ because we gone get risky, make ads n break that ice!




Beth Anderton-AllenBeth – There are the penguins of Madagascar and then there are the Fat Penguins of Brixton. One kickass agency of young creatives ready to break the ice and start world changing conversations.
Just smile and wave boys. Just smile and wave.




Malou StitzMalou – In Denmark we have Kinder Pingui (sorry don’t know what you call them in English) They are my favorite childish treat and they are just like us. Soft, chewy, with a delicate crispy chocolate coating and loved by every little kid. Hello Fat (chocolate Pingui) Penguin 💫



Kyle ForemanKyle:  “Humans give flowers and candy when wooing a lady. Penguins give rocks. Not just any rocks, though — male gentoo penguins search through piles of pebbles to find the smoothest, most perfect ones. When a penguin has selected his pebble, he presents it to his intended companion. If she approves, she puts the stone in her nest and the two are well on their way to becoming mommy and daddy birds. Pebbles are so important to the penguins that males often fight over the prettiest selections.” Adland you better get ready to receive some pebbles.



Lee AllenLee – As fat penguins, I feel our first duty should be to lose weight to ease the burden on the PFS (Penguin Flatulence Service), that means no longer deep frying our squid and eating more protein heavy foods such as Krill. We should also call out penguins in the media such as Pingu, who present an unrealistic body shape for everyday penguins.




Jesse Sharp-O'HareJesse – fat penguins don’t run. That’s pretty much a given. They stumble, they roll, they trip and they take it slow. But as this year is the marathon de sables, I couldn’t think of a better spirit animal and name for the agency!




Rollo SkinnerRollo – Penguins huddle. American football players huddle. And now it’s fashionable to have a ‘huddle’ in the workplace. A huddle allows your team touch base in a face to face, morale-boosting, coming together. So I propose we Penguins should change ‘Town Hall’ to ‘The Huddle’. As the winter draws ever closer we’re going to need all the warmth we can get.




Bunmi AkinwaleBunmi – Penguins are adorable animals that everyone, collectively, laugh at once they do something clumsy. They are animals that can help break the ice no matter where a person is from which is what we intend to go globally with our work. They are animals that stumble but get straight back up which is something we represent. Oh and they sing too!



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Mona – Fat penguins might sound a bit cheesy but don’t be fooled, fat penguins are way more than a bunch of cool and cute creatures. Fat penguins are ice breakers, they have the ambition of making the world a better place, and it all begins in Brixton.




Arthur HarryArthur – “These engaging animals are so inquisitive that you only have to sit down to their own level, for them all to gather around you to try and discover what sort of creature you are” Attenborough.

Whether you are from our world or another, it has no importance. Simply come and sit down with us to discuss a problem and we’ll make sure to solve it with panache.  

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