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Clarissa Dale






By @ClarissaDale94


This has been one of the most difficult tasks I’ve been asking to complete in a long time.  I can barely even use a computer never mind write code and wire up some unbelievable mind blowing invention. Let’s just say my brain just isn’t quite ‘wired’ that way. At school, I never succeeded in physics, maths or computing. It was honestly a real struggle and I found it frustrating that no matter how much revision I did, I still could not understand the basics of any of them. When GCSE exams came, I could not shake the fear of failure with all of these subjects, that agitation and nervousness and  that I was not intelligent enough to understand simple algebra or circuits. When Marc handed me my Arduino box that same fear and uneasiness overwhelmed me –  that I was going to have to experience the embarrassment of another potential defeat or what in my mind seems like a failure. 

The biggest mistake I have made this summer is allowing something unfamiliar to intimidate me. I’ve wasted time researching potential projects and not being realistic or crawling before I can walk. This project has pushed me out of my comfort zone 100% and I am in no way going to present something that I’m proud of. Unfortunately, my technical abilities pretty much peek at wiring up LEDS and I fear that what I present will be a failure in comparison to the wonderful creations my peers have produced. However, what I have eventually and only just come to realise is how destructive comparing yourself to others can be. It simply just wastes time and energy that could be used on more important things.  I guess what I can take from this is that I have learnt the basics of something new that I would have previously never dreamed about even going near. Despite a hard time with my first project, I’m looking forward to throwing myself into every opportunity the next school year has to bring.

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