What is the best thing you took away from Sir John Hegarty’s visit? -Group SCAB


Jem: That we should never shy away from putting ourselves into our work.


Gnome: John is not your typical legend of advertising. He truly cares about future talent and is passionate and helpful with his time. I thank him so much for all he has done for me over the past year.


Rachel: His definition of creativity: an expression of self.


Gary: Creativity is not an occupation. It’s a preoccupation.


Phil: You are what you eat. Be aware of things happening around you. Listen to conversations, but make sure you read, watch and consume only great stuff. Breaking Bad over Coronation street.


Susan: Bean bags do as much for your creativity as watching EastEnders does. Surround yourself with good work across a range of different platforms and mediums to allow your creativity to flourish.


Meg: Take out the headphones – they cut you off from your environment. The conversation you could be having with your colleagues is far more unique than that podcast you are listening to. P.s. John, you are a legend! Thanks for inspiring us.


Poppy: If you want to have a creative career that lasts more than 10 years, you need to keep your ear to the ground and stay fresh.


Josh: no great idea has ever come from a brainstorm


Petra: Every McCartney needs a Lennon – make sure you’re always surrounded by people who challenge you to be a better.


Helena P: he wrote in my book: ‘Never ever be ordinary’.


Elliot: That there is a huge issue within the art education system, and the creative industries are not doing enough, at all. (Also stop plugging in, earphones)



Henry: Pessimism is the antithesis of creativity


Ben: “I do my best thinking when I’m not thinking”


Joe: Surround yourself with the best


Becky: You can be successful and still be a nice person.


Kim: Think of an idea, and when you think it’s an excellent one, think the opposite. It will become better.


Clara: Juxtaposing the opposites in an ad is the best way to highlight them


Eve: there is two kinds of creativity: pure creativity and applied creativity. No headphones or you cut yourself from the world. You have to feed yourself. And sometimes, shit works.


Melina: Creatives never settle, they always see opportunities to make the world better.


Nick: If you consume shit, you’ll produce shit.


Philly: Just because something’s not in law doesn’t mean you should do it. ‘Pay your taxes.’


Dan: Pure creativity is coming up with the Simpsons. Applied creativity is writing the 33rd episode.


Twyla: “Art without an idea is just decoration.”


Andrea: You’re only as good as your next job.


Zoe: You kinda need an ego, there’s no point in being modest if you believe in it.


Steve: Absorb everything!


James: Feed who & what you are


Holly: Overheard conversations create good writing.


Holly: Every McCartney needs a Lennon.


Emma : you can only be certain your idea is great when it’s executed.


Helena: Believe in your idea and have the confidence to fight for it.


Eva: Feed the person you want to be.


Christian: Advertising is 80% idea and 80% execution


Christopher: He’ll always find something interesting, even the smallest thing when looking at your portfolio, and then discard it.


Martin: Ask yourself which type of creative you are. Pure creativity or adopted creativity. It will help you a lot in your career.


Gauthier: Advertising is not very good at selling/advertising is brilliant at influencing


Marion: Don’t put headphones, it will kill your creativity. Everyone can be creative.


Manon: You have to believe in what you’re doing


Pietro: Life is the greatest art form! / We are all artists but some of them should not exhibit…


Léa: Creative creates a need.


Rita: High culture is the only culture you should consume.


Dune: Great Story-tellers tell great truths.


Mathilde: Turning intelligence into magic.


Dalva: We are constantly making creative decisions.


Lucas: Try looking at opposites.


Adeline: The only space you want to occupy is people’s minds.


Alysha: Creativity has nothing to do with bean bags.


Chirine: Live with no fear


Jonothan: Be the first to speak up.

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