What is time? By @MalouStitz

Malou Stitz

By Malou Stitz


What is time?

Time…. Time to. Time for. Time is up. Time is now. Time is scary. Time is great. Time is always there. Time flies by. Time stops. Time is a magnificent thing.

It’s now the beginning of week 10 at SCA. But it feels like only yesterday we walked the 37-39 steps up to our studio for the first time. Since then time became so much more relevant, if I may put it that way (apologies to you pre future time). It’s just that when we think of time, we tend to think of it as a measurement of the passing of time, such as a clock or watch, but at SCA we’ve learned that time is more than that. It’s the most valuable trade you have and you need to take good care of it. Time management. Oh wauw I love it. I haven’t found the golden way of always sticking to my daily planner, but it helps sorting my day out anyway. I can really feel a difference between my planned days and those that I skip planning. The non-planned seem to be so much more chaotic and confusing. Another thing is prioritizing. That’s also a skill you need to master. You have to prioritize your given 24 hours a day. Work that quadrant like there’s no tomorrow. But the thing is, when you’re having fun and loving what you do. Time just flies by. But in a good way. The worst feeling is when time feels like every minute is one hour. Life is too short for that. We had a Master class on “Strategy of You” and we were asked to write down our strategy of life. Serious business. One day later, a friend of mine asked me the exact same question. And as time changes, my strategy of life has changed in just a few hours. It’s weird isn’t it.

I guess it’s not much of an answer of what time is? But how do you explain something that is so apparent to us and so completely necessary to our every experience in life, yet has no form? It is as though it exists only in our minds even though its effects are perceived to be everywhere throughout the universe.


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