Seraphim Extract

Another piece hope you enjoy.

An unpleasant reunion part 1.

The elevator doors opened to Miri’s penthouse. He glided out of the elevator and hovered just in front of the doors. The doors closed behind him but he continued to hover in place, his face sullen and heavy, he was in deep thought. The bell tone of the elevator descending seemed to jolt him back into the room. He took in a deep breath and hovered towards his desk. It was a sunny day with no clouds to be seen. The sky was a clear blue. Miri forwent his chair and glided to the glass wall, touching it ever gently as if to question if there was a partition between him and the outside. There was. Feeling the divide he took his hand off the glass, to his surprise his hand was shaking and quivering. Anxiety filled his whole being, his breathing became shallow and his vision foggy. Thoughts began to rush through his mind. In the confused daze he began to lose balance and knocked ornaments off his desk. The walls seemed to be closing around him. Quickly he was able to find himself within the attack, took his left hand to unshackle the hidden blade he carried for such an episode. Gripped it tight and plunged it into his right forearm. He screamed loudly, but the pain brought him back and into control. He silenced his wailing. He fell to his knees still panting heavily. “1,2,3” he counted out. With each count he became more composed.

He opened his eyes looking out into the world, looking at the life meandering through the streets below. “Ants”, he thought to himself “they’re all ants!”, he proclaimed in his mind. “They’re all fucking ants!”, he shouted loudly. He dug the blade deeper into his forearm. Miri flared his wings and morphed them into sharpened metal blades resembling the many legs of a spider. “Fuck!!”, he again screamed whilst thrusting his wings towards the glass wall in front of him. The barrier shattered. The air rushed in as if it was invited. Coldness followed and the air was thin. “How?” He thought. Before he could argue his thoughts. 

The sky began to darken as if the night was coming. Miri paused. Looked at where the sun was to see an object move in front of the sun, and it wasn’t the moon. Screams and hysteria began to fill the streets below. “What’s going on now?” he pondered. Suddenly the elevator doors opened and a hooded figure walked out. “Ahh if it isn’t Black Plague Melfina, no wonder there’s pandemonium outside” Miri said whilst pouring two glasses of whisky. She pulled off her hoodie, and her gaze through daggers towards Miri. “How the fuck is Daedra back?”  


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