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Laura Magee

By Laura Magee



Over Christmas Zac and myself decided to team up at the start of this term. Over this conversation Zac explained how he would no longer be using the w* word.
Instead he would say
Since studying at SCA I’ve always explained to my friends that, even though school is a very peculiar place you have to somewhat treat it like a job because of the amount of work you do. Thinking this way made me mentally separate the time in school and the time spent at home (attempting to create a better work life balance). I also thought it made me work harder.
The problem with this is that I don’t think I was enjoying it as much. I was trying to get my head around strategy, SMPs etc but my creativity was running dry.
My initial thought to Zac’s message was: it might make me less strategic and create silly, meaningless ideas however I could imagine how freeing this thought could become. Completely changing my approach to work. Less stress by tackling problems in a positive way, not because I have to (like in any other job), but because I want to.
Now everyday I walk to school and have a more enjoyable outlook of what I’m doing.
Creativity is known to come from when you’re having fun. It prevents you from looking at your diary and seeing a long lists of things you have to ‘work’ through and instead a list of things you want to do.
There’s the old saying ‘If you find the job you love, you never have to work again’.
It’s amazing to think that one simple change can effect the way you look at things. It can go on to create a bigger multiplying effect and that’s what we want with our ideas. It’s just knowing what that one change is.
Pete continually tells us to interrogate the SMP again and again and again until we get to the right outcome. You can change one word ever so slightly and that can have a huge impact on the creative route that follows, and that’s integral to answering the brief correctly.
I watched a Ted Talks video a few months back which changed my perspective on stress. Usually, when my brain hits overload it decides to shut down and my ability to be creative becomes much harder. In this talk they say that you should look at stress as if it’s your bodies natural way of preparing to take on more things.  
I really liked this and whenever I have felt I had a lot on, I would stick on some tunes and work through it. Additionally, the less time spent worrying over the little time you have the less time you spend thinking about ideas. (So don’t think about time). Also, don’t think about it because you mind starts thinking about who invented time and why a day is based on one rotation of the earth and not 2. And that’s not going to change. At least not when your deadline is due. But who knows.

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