What is your best memory from your year at SCA?


By MOSH – The Intake of 2014/15


What is your best memory from your year at SCA?


Georgia – my best memory is always my last glass of red wine

Clarissa – THE poo — Feb 12, 1452hrs. I remember, it was a Monday.

Lucy – JT’s little butt doing the first dance of shame.

Ed – Someone called me Edward once

Marcella – there are just too many to choose!

Frazer – Kizzy

Nathan – The text I received from Larry after the Chip shop awards.

Elin – Impossible to say. Too many.

Mawby – running around pretending to be a clitoris was pretty great

Stephen – Soren’s comic timing.

Ash – Winning PB7

Mikey – Kizzy

Dounia – The whole of the first term.

J.T. – Chilling with my homies

Fiona – Je joue le jambon

Lawrence – Googling what exactly is ‘third base’ with Vikki Ross has to be one.

Jacqui – chasing drag queens for D&AD. Don’t even care that we didn’t win. I had a ball

Søren – The amount of laughs I have had because of the crazy/stupid ideas. “goggle fogger” –

James – fantasy football

Tom manning – Kizzie

Rob – Lapdance from Marc.

Adam – Kizzy

Charlie – Fila

Ben – All the times I wasn’t stressing out… So like 10% of it

Nick – Le Kizzy

Dave – That one time someone played the Pirate Bay video.

Martin – Having a baby boy.

Zoe – Every single day is a highlight.

Joel – Soren sawing through the air conditioning pipe in the back room.

Nina – Ben.

Annie – Bryan reminding me why I love advertising at a time I really didn’t love advertising.

Mads – Bryan’s stories.

Tom Espezel – Every single one of Marco’s reflections

Jeremy – Tube book crit

Edwina – Frazer ate a piece of paper once.

Marco – Eytan pretending to dress as Don Draper, LOVE IT!

Pugh – Kizzy

Teddy – Mojo and Fiona’s dancing duet performance. Tear jerkingly beautiful.

Eytan- The day I found my partner.

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