What will my memoir / biopic be called? by @sca2_0

What will my memoir / biopic be called?

We’ve been thinking a lot about a persona brand recently, and reflecting on what ‘brand’ means. So we’ve summed ourselves up in a pithy title. This is how we hope to be remembered. Forevermore.


Sasha: Teenage Drama Queen


Marc: Opportunity is Nowhere: Why My Porn Career Went Limp


Vikki: Words and Wanderlust: Sky’s the Limit


Arthur: Les Années de Passion


Ann: Ann-archy in the U.K.


Jacob: This Might Sound Like A Stupid Question But X


Beth: Hey, Did I Tell You I’m In a Band?


Max WC: When the Chips Are Down


Sophie: Reaching New Heights: A Tall Story


Krista: Trolling in the Deep


Ian: Living Life Off the Grid


Bumni: Touring as a Rock Guitarist: The Career I Never Knew Needed Me


Caroline: The Devil’s In The Detail


Dusty: Memoirs of a Cheeky Scamp


Mona: One Small Step for @monaonthemoon


Alex T: Show Me The Showreel


Rollo: The Nine Mysticals…Coming Soon


Rob M: Bollyoaks: My Life After Hollyoaks


Robyn: It’s a no from me


Henry Foenannder: The Copywriter Who Couldn’t Spell His Name


Orla: Was It Fecking Worth It?


James: Black is the new Black: Tales of a Dark Horse


Anam: Around the World in 80 Sparkles


Augustine: How Many Pots Do You Have To Make Before You Can Call Yourself A Potter?: A Socratic Dialogue in Three Tomes


Dee: Write-On: The Life And Love of a Left-Leaning Lyricist


John: Lend Me Your Earrings: My Cross To Bear


Miranda: Coughing Up Furballs and Taming My Mane: Horrible Hair-stories


Daze: Kitchen Duty: That Sinking Feeling


Andy: Don’t Fuck it Up


Lee: HitmonLee: from Pokéboy to Pokéman


Fenton: The Life of a Real Tree


Honor: The Inside Scoop: XOXO GOSSIP HONOR


Venetia: Spreading My Wings: Secrets of a Social Butterfly


Gnome: Salad Days of a Miniature Garden Figure


Pjotr: Checkmate


Pete: Sit Down: Why Comedy Isn’t For Me


Flav: How I Fled The US: An Immigrant’s Journey


Adeline: I Didn’t Write A Book Because My Tattoos Tell My Story


Tomoko: The Invisible Woman Returns


Robin: Can I Get Back To You In Five Minutes? Time-Saving Tips From Robin


Ashley: The Single Life


Jesse: Mr Sand(wich)man: A Life In Lunches


Sam:  Your Use of Negative Space Puts Me In A Negative Place


Kenny: Goes Well With Salt


Tomo: Squeaky T


Alex: Speak Up: The Art of Avoiding Small Talk


Kyle: The Prophet Has Spoken


Ludo: If Bears Could Speak


Mark: The Cambridge Comma; A Dyslexic Mans’ Grammar Journey


Malou: Strawberry Salad


Christine: The Limited Edition Scandi Who Successfully Ate Soup With A Fork


Max: Chinese or Jewish? The Perennial Question


Mary: The Story of a Disabled Diabetic


Lauren: Looks Like A Vegan. Isn’t.

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