What’s your favourite ad campaign featuring a celebrity and why? – By KRAK intake

By KRAK intake 2019/20


What’s your favourite ad campaign featuring a celebrity and why? 


Ivan: Pepsi Now and Then with Britney Spears. Britney’s had a couple of iconic ads for Pepsi (shoutout to the one with Beyonce and Pink), but this one is definitely my favourite. Showing her and Pepsi through the different decades.


Alfie: Tide ad. Brilliant on so many levels.


Phillip: Kobe System. Ad campaign for his shoes. There are a ton of celebrities in these adverts, the one I posted below, with Kanye West, is my favourite, but they’re all incredible. Also, shout out to Kobe, RIP. They are like no sneaker ad I’ve ever seen. And they are totally true to who Kobe was as a person and how he felt about work.


Rachael: Idk if this counts but I have never seen Ant-Man but I just love the way this piece pushes the conventions of trailers


Pierre: 1664 and Eric Cantona. Every Cantona ads are really good because of its tone which is in the end very funny.


Katie: This makes me chuckle because everyone used to say it in the playground when it came out…Peter Kay for John Smiths…


Chloë: Droga5’s ‘Before Alexa’ Superbowl ad. So good. So many layers and references. This would be an amazing TVC even without Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi making an appearance.


Oliver: Aviation Gin – The Process


Just hilarious! 


Eva: Honestly, I don’t know that many nor do I care whether it features celebrities or not. 

But if I had to choose it would be Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


That man became a celebrity in every woman’s dream and a villain in every man’s nightmare. 


Marley: Really love the BT infinity Ryan Reynolds ads from a couple years ago, even if they did get banned.


Carly: I have to go with a classic. Betty White and Snickers. 


Holly:  I don’t know if it counts because he was just the voice over but the Alzheimer’s advert with Steven Fry. The advert itself is beautifully crafted, written and told. The addition of his silky soft voice fits perfectly, a great piece of casting for a great piece of work 


Rolly: Fortune Pharmacal ads captures the Hong Kong ‘below the lion rock’ (hard-workingness) very well. I love the one featuring a mother who raised So Wa Wei, an 11-time paralympics medalist.



Lawrence: As a Manchester United fan I love anything Eric Cantona touches.


Think this is my favourite ad he’s in for Kronenbourg

Hop farmers glamourised like football players. 


Munraj: Adidas’s shirt launch with Arsenal. It felt really authentic and inspired hope for the club’s future.

Alice: I love the nike football cage ad.


Alex: British Airways’ safety video – Chabuddy G directs Gillian Anderson, what more do you want?


Isabelle: Obsessed with Athletics – Virgin Media campaign with Usain Bolt.


Elisa: John Hodgman and Justin Long for Apple. 


Charlie: Although not perhaps all household names. The Stabilo print campaign, highlighting important women who made history, is a personal favourite. Such a simple idea, demonstrating the products value, whilst also communicating an emotionally relevant message. Bravo.


Ellie: Nike Dream Crazy. Anything that makes Americans burn their socks gets me going. 


Elle: Gordon Ramsay’s collaboration with Gordon’s Gin. British and acquired taste. Love it.


Tommy: Yorkshire Tea: Where Everything’s Done Proper. Sean Bean, Parkinson, Kaiser Chiefs. Hilarious, bang on TOV, makes me want a cuppa.    


Bastien : An ad for an online french bank, Boursorama. The ad is not as good as it could be, however, I found pretty ambitious to pay a fortune for 

Brad Pitt and actually not using his voice. It serves the message, so, nice.  (sorry bad quality video…)


Sean: My favourite celebrity ad is the one where Martin Lewis promotes a failsafe bitcoin trader which I received by email a few months ago. I was literally about to invest and make back all my school fees when I found out it was an out and out scam. Apparently like half online celebrity ads, the celebrity, Martin Lewis has nothing to do with it. In fact he issued high court proceedings for a defamation lawsuit against Facebook, but they agreed a settlement whereby Facebook would donate £3m to citizens advice to deliver a new UK scams action project: 


Gigi: I hate ads with celebrities. Couldn’t give a monkeys arse about what they do. 


David: One of those of Old spice ad with Kevin Hart. I really love the tone and attitude of Old spice and Kevin Hart match really well with it.


Sam: Ryan Giggs’ brother. Paddy. Fucking. Power.


Aaron: Same as Sam ^^


Chris: The Celebrities do not make the advert.


Dj: I’m not really a fan of celebrity ads so I don’t have one. Jeeps groundhog day Superbowl ad is ok, nothing else comes to mind.



Unexpected from apple which I love. 


Dean: This commercial makes my palms sweaty and my knees weak. It also gives me heavy arms. To be honest, there is already vomit on my sweater. It snaps me back to reality.


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