Where to Find a Syringe in London by @MarcoMagistrini

Marco Magistrini






By Marco Spinelli


For our pb4 I found myself looking for a syringe. I’ve never asked myself  where to get one before.

I found out that there was a places called Needle Exchange. Just like the stock exchange but instead of commodities, they exchange syringes, spoons, vitamin c and methadone.

Friday morning I presented myself at the Dellow Day Centre,  a providence house located  steps away from my door steps. I’ve never encountered this place before, but it presents to me as a small village on his owns.

People were waiting in line at the reception. When it was my turn, I kindly asked for a syringe.

The woman looked at me while she touched her glasses. I noticed she had her hands covered in tattoos, while she picked up a phone and asked for a colleague.

A pregnant woman came up to me, asking to follow her.  We walked thru a series of doors. The food hall looked like a prison refectory and people there looked like prisoners; prisoners of their own life.

Take a seat she says. I’m fine standing, I replied.  Take a seat.

Things where getting serious, me and her in a two square foot room, full of needles and syringes.

She was wearing two plastic gloves and started asking questions.

Here we go Mr. Barbieri, she said and handed over the syringe.

Finally I got what I was looking for.  But moreover, I had discovered a great place where people help each other and where food and hospitality are always available.

I decided that I want to be more involved.

This time with my real name.

So I’ve asked if I can volunteer in the centre next Sunday.

Hopefully I will.

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