Who are you inspired by? – By the 2015/16 Intake


By The 2015/16 Intake


Who are you inspired by?

Matt Stone & Trey Parker (South Park creators) – Drew

Helmut Newton & Margaret Thatcher, because of the awesome portrait of Margaret Thatcher that Newton shot, which I saw in the National Portrait Gallery this weekend. – Dennis

Dennis Bergkamp, my hero as a child. – Angus

Nanui. She inspires me and shows me the world through photography. – Adriano

Tom Waits, what a badass. – Ben G

Sito Murillo & Bitan Franco. – Nunu

Wes Anderson for his eye for detail, magnificent colours and incredibly beautiful shots. – Zac

Robin Williams. You only get one spark of madness, don’t lose it! – Tris

Henry David Thoreau, James Maynard Keenan. Find your self, be original and disobey conformity – Tomasz

Andy Warhol. His way of thinking outside the box and ability to sell his craft really inspires me. – Bea

Me in 10 years’ time – Cause Matthew McConaughey told me so. – Laurens Grainger

Dave Benson Phillips. He taught me that it’s always good to get your own back. – Owen

Roger Hodgson (leader and song writer of Super Tramp). He is just a bad ass. – Orla

Caitlin Moran. She is just such a strong woman who isn’t afraid to voice her opinion – Becci

Stefan Sagmeister. His work is all about concept. – Blaz

Jony Ive. King of simplification. – Ethan

Richard Branson – HINT HINT – Katy

Massimo Bottura – Matt K

Tony Cullingham – Marc Lewis  

(You bastards!! I would set you an extra brief as punishment for that, but I think you would all enjoy it!!  Marc)

Beyonce. Because she’s Beyonce. – Rhi

Everyone around me – Nick K

Aung San Suu Kyi – i mean…I can’t even.. just look her up. – Suki

Silver Surfer. Because he’s unreal. – Alex

My mother. She’s strong-willed, strong-minded, empathetic, generous, patient, and is just an all-round incredible human. – Nadia

Other people’s mistakes. – Federica

Ernest Hemingway for his succinct writing style. – Seb

Nick Vujicic. He doesn’t let assumptions stop him from perusing big things. – Alicia

Little Simz. She’s an amazing young talent with a very solid body of work. She proves you can be a British female lyricist in your early 20s with success and integrity.

Jony Ive. He lets his work talk for him. – Nick L

The yes man. Because he always says yes! – Chloe

Wes Anderson. For making films and telling stories like no other. – Nihal

Malcolm X. Because of his commitment to his beliefs and his willingness to reconsider and evolve them. – Sam

Bob Dylan, because he will live and die on the road doing what he loves. – Ben T

Bruce Lee, for his focus and strive for perfection. – Ranj

My Grandma. She is the most hardworking 93 year old who only gave up her job last year. I secretly think she’s 21 because of her motivation and excellent knowledge on Harry Styles! – Laura

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