Who will notice when you go? – By @anamal91

By Anam Kibria


Who will notice when you go?

Today was an extremely emotional day at SCA. We said goodbye to two beloved members, Pete and Clare. Amongst the tears and sniffly laughs and choked up sentences, I came to realise that even though we have spent a short 5 months with them, how quickly we became attached to them.

Which led me to think about how memorable I am. Who would notice if I was to leave tomorrow? Who would care?

We are already halfway through our course. In another short 5 months, most of us will be off to placements (some sooner). And when we get there, we will definitely want to be remembered. And so here is a few tips on how to make yourself indispensable at a placement, (or anywhere really) inspired by Pete and Clare.

  • Be Passionate. Both of them had extremely different roles, yet they did it with such passion and dedication till the very last day. Pete didn’t stop pushing us and Clare didn’t stop rooting for us. They didn’t switch off.
  • Work hard. As Marc always says, hard work beats talent. Every time. Be the first one in and last one out. If you’re asked for one, do ten. Always do more than what’s required.
  • Be friendly. This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Talk to people. Be kind. Introduce yourself and get to know everyone. Don’t be shy and definitely don’t be afraid to ask for help. I know we’re told this again and again but be someone you’d want to hang out with. But don’t overdo it. Which leads me to my next point…
  • Don’t be fake. If you’re trying too hard, people will notice. Don’t be overly chummy with people, especially not your creative director (unless you have this relationship beforehand). DO NOT WINK AT YOUR CREATIVE DIRECTOR WHEN PRESENTING (yes, this really happens).
  • Be a master of something. Pete was the master of honesty, he would just tell it like it is. And Clare was the boss at promoting SCA and us. Whatever you’re into, make sure you tell people about it at your placement. Whether it’s illustration or underwater photography, make sure you give people something that will relate back to you whenever a project arises. And finally…
  • Just be yourself. Pete was unabashedly ruthless when it came to the work. He would never sugar coat anything, as hard as it was to hear sometimes. Clare was just the nicest person ever and you could talk to her about anything. These are the things that will make you stand out from everyone else.

To both Clare and Pete I wish you the best of luck. Know that you will be missed, and we hope to see you soon. And to all of my fellow penguins, best of luck for the coming months! We’re all going to need it.

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