What my Raspberry Airplane Button Dream Told me About @DandADNewBlood, by @FrazerPrice







By Frazer Price


Last night I had a dream.


I had a dream that I was in the cockpit of a crashing plane.


A crashing plane that had, in the place of useful, informative displays and buttons, raspberries.


The wing light button was a raspberry.


The landing gear button was a raspberry.


The oxygen mask release button was a raspberry.


The fuel light was a raspberry.


I had at my disposal, already in my brain, the exact buttons to press and at what exact time.


The only problem being was that these buttons were raspberries.


Which was infuriating.


Not to mention scary.


The commercial fruit crop had replaced all of the functions I needed to survive this ordeal.


Not wanting to be beaten by the mass of small bobbly beings I continued as planned and mashed the buttons I knew necessary for me to escape.


As I prodded the raspberries popped.





And slipped over the dashboard.


The red liquid consumed my eyesight and furthermore the dials.


It was a massacre.


A massacre before I’d even started to help myself.





We’ve just started decoding, rewriting and expanding our chosen D&AD briefs.


It’s been a stressful experience suddenly being confronted with a huge challenge.


Throughout my time here at SCA I’ve slowly been building my instruction manual.


But I’ve only got one shot at D&AD and I’d be lying if it hasn’t all become real and taking its toll on my nightmares.


There’s no reason why I can’t still have some fun.




Time to squash the raspberries and do some barrel rolls.

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