The Haves and the Have Nots – By @SCA2Dean

By Marc Lewis


The Haves and the Have Nots


The studio was a strange place this week because 15 of my students were out on placement with some of our generous sponsors.  This is the first time that we have ever rewarded our students with early placements, and it felt strange to be deliberately dividing the studio into two groups.


The haves and the have nots.


I tried to be as fair as possible, deploying a system in which hard work was recognised as much as unnatural talent.


But there were only a limited number of places.


Every time you say yes to something or someone, you face needing to say no to something or someone else.  Choice has a cost.


A couple of teams can feel unlucky not to have been picked.  The gap between my top teams is slim, and we ended Term 2 noting that the smarter teams will start sprinting ahead of the pack so that they stand out to agencies.


I will talk about setting new goals when everyone is back in school on Monday, and the smartest students won’t listen to my targets.  They will seek to smash them, so that they go to the top of the list, making sure they get priority next time a great opportunity turns up at SCA.


I have been so impressed to note that Beth and Kyle each entered two strong New Blood and two strong Future Lions submissions, and to watch Beth approach mentors this week to learn as much as possible whilst the studio is a bit emptier than normal.


If any ECD’s are reading this, they should consider putting Beth and Kyle on their list. This team belongs to the Haves.  They have the right attitude, responding so well to being left in the school studio, by working hard and seeking feedback.


They have not had a placement yet, and they really deserve one.


Our main Portfolio Day is in 80 days’ time.


If you are a Fat Penguin at SCA this year, you have 80 days to have as much fun as possible, whilst working hard and smart, with empathy and energy in synergy.


If you are an agency, and you’ve not been invited to a Portfolio Day before, then get in touch.


What are you doing to make sure that you are on the list?

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